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  1. So we got 4 tickets for Manchester. My sister bought them, they are going to her address but used my girlfriends card who is living at a different address to the delivery address, can anyone see that being an issue?
  2. Got a feeling they might do a Prince tribute instead.
  3. Apparently the car park at the arena closes at 11pm is this true and will it be late enough or would it be best to try the other ones?
  4. Where are people parking for this? Does the MEN have its ok car park or is there a multi-storey near??
  5. This may sound stupid, I bought my girlfriend a ticket for this off stubhub and it looks completely different to the tickets me and my sister have - we bought ours from ticketmaster and her one is from eventim, is this normal?
  6. I'm looking for a standing ticket for this gig, me and my sister are going, new girlfriend would also like to come! Does anyone know where I could find a ticket for this or if anyone has a ticket up for grabs then please let me know Thanks!
  7. Surprised at how few dates there are in the UK, was expecting one in Birmingham/Cardiff, bit of a trek for us down here in the south west!
  8. I have literally been trying every 5 minutes all day with no luck, little bit devastated right now!
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