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  1. Waiting for the train to Manchester and don't have a ticket. I hope I can get one there or at least get to meet them. If anyone in the queue hears about a spare ticket, give me a shout, pleeeeease. I'll be the girl with a lost hoodie and a dalek tshirt.
  2. If any of you don't go, would you sell me your ticket? I'm sure we can figure something out regarding the card. Heard that it's possible to call ticketmaster and change the card.
  3. Well, I already lost at least 5 of them... not really happy about that. I wish I got them on pre-sale. I have nothing to do tomorrow and live near enough Manchester to be a good way to maybe waste my sunday.
  4. it's a small venue and not enough time between selling tickets and the gig for unexpected things to happen. But I think I'll try my luck over there tomorrow. At least there is a small chance that I can meet the guys and see the people from this topic (and be to shy to talk to anyone)
  5. only if I don't count the pre-sale and the ones I was too late here in the forum. But I'll give up only after the show starts.
  6. i must be one of the unluckiest people on earth. I tried ticketmaster just before going out (it was around 11) and 1 hour later people manage to buy there? UGH anyway, I'm thinking about going on sunday to see if I manage to get a last minute ticket over there, but with my luck, I think I won't :(
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