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  1. how objectively well someone sings? i don't think that exists. i think he sounded much better in the early 2000s, his vibrato was much faster and his voice much more intense, i don't blame him for losing it though.
  2. It's frustrating because there's no justification . you can dislike dark side of the moon, or think it shouldn't be held in such high acclaim , but i think it's a masterpiece of an album. i will not hold however that it's objectively so. your frustrstions are shared !
  3. favourite being the one influenced by emotion/opinion, best being the one based on "facts", its very much subjective/objective and it doesn't work I do hate nickelback too though .
  4. this subjective/objective look at music is what i used to do before i grew a brain. im mainly kidding, but its ridiculous to try to provide an objective observation of music, and art in general
  5. I didn't say the idea behind it was a stupid joke. to try to put a song about it, phrased, sung, and executed as it was, i think, seems like a stupid joke. to address what was said in parentheses, no. i said i thought it was a stupid joke, youre thinking too much about my meaning behind it. edit: "and save our crops from drought" "fuse helium-3 our last hope" "go to sleep" the execution of this is so horrible to me.
  6. because he said "there's going to be a lullaby on the next album" and it's a lullaby about running out of space on earth. its just a stupid joke it seems
  7. They tried Rick Rubin with The Resistance. They hated it. "Thanks to Rick Rubin for showing us how not to produce."
  8. SHOWBIZ: i have no idea, i deleted this album off of my phone a while ago and looking back on it now i can't find a song that i don't like. tastes change i guess, i need to go back through it again. Probably Overdue. ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY: Feeling Good. ABSOLUTION: I won't be cheap and say intro, so I'll say Butterflies & Hurricanes. I don't dislike this song whatsoever, but it is where I feel they first started their descent unto where we are now with their music. BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS: Invincible. THE RESISTANCE: United States of Eurasia. THE 2ND LAW: Explorers. DRONES: Mercy.
  9. no, so many of the lyrics in this album still just suck. (not as bad as t2l, fuck right off explorers, supremacy, panic station, etc etc) dead inside is one of my favourite songs, i dislike "greatest guy" psycho's i really could care less about. i just wish he wouldn't sing it like he's expecting to be taken seriously mercy's lyrics kill me every time. absolute shit. reapers is alright, i do wish the lyrics weren't so direct.. the handler's i have no problem with. if every song was up to par with this strangeness and indirect diction (like they are on absolution/oos) , this album would be much better. this song in particular i can see on abso just because of "dissociate", the use of psychological terms is something that i need back, eg hysteria, futurism's apathy etc defector is alright, needs more passion in the delivery, not so serious. revolt i don't mind lyrically, only issue is unnecessary repetition aftermath is quite bad. cringing at "now and forever" now and forever. globalist is amazing right up until the last part, "there's no countries left" fuck off drones is alright i'd say start writing good songs again matt
  10. the stretches is what gets me. can't do it. and it's not like my fingers aren't long. i'll get there some day.
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