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  1. I can honestly say this is the best I have seen Muse play. The size of the stage made it well worth the money and the setlist was as good as it could be to keep everyone happy. And God the sound was incredible! I have to say in terms of sound, Psycho, The Globalist and Reapers were the standouts, which I found interesting with them being the new songs. Doesn't normally work like that. Starting with Reapers was epic! Really? I would say the opposite. I was expecting it to not get much of a reaction, yet everyone around us was bouncing around when the tempo increased and singing the chorus. I used to think Revolt wasn't a bad song, but after witnessing it live I can actually say I like it.
  2. Showbiz Cave->Showbiz->Unintended->Uno OoS SD->Hyper Music->PiB->Citizen Erased HS Yes Please->MoYH->Nature->Shine Abso TiRO->SFA->SS->FAWY BH&R TaB->Starlight->SMBH->MotP TR Uprising->Resistance->UD->USoE T2L Survival->Follow Me->Animals->Explorers Drones Reapers->The Handler->JFK->Defector
  3. 1. Map of the Problematique 2. Hyper Music 3. Butterflies & Hurricanes 4. Reapers 5. Futurism 6. Bliss (first Muse song I heard) 7. United States of Eurasia 8. Starlight 9. Citizen Erased 10. Muscle Museum I feel bad doing a top ten cos so many songs I love have been left out
  4. I voted other, because I believe B&H should be included I can revoooooooooooolt
  5. Especially since it has no album of it;s own, though I like to think of it as the japanese bonus track of TR
  6. I think they will go up to Aftermath to complete the main concept, My personal favourite video is The Handler, though my favourite song is Reapers. I prefer the lyric videos to the actual music videos. I hope we see more in the future.
  7. Spoiler tagged cos I tend to ramble...
  8. Ok so I'm making this as realistic as possible, as if such thing was actual being made. So no die hard fan favourites, mostly just hits 1. Uprising 2. Starlight 3. Supermassive Black Hole 4. Hysteria 5. Plug In Baby 6. Time Is Running Out 7. New Born 8. Madness 9. Resistance 10. Dead Inside 11. Muscle Museum 12. Stockholm Syndrome 13. Uno 14. Invincible 15. Undisclosed Desires 16. Supremacy 17. Bliss 18. Mercy 19. Map of the Problematique 20. Survival 21. Dead Star 22. Sing for Absolution 23. Feeling Good 24. Butterflies and Hurricanes 25. Knights of Cydonia
  9. Archer29


    Well I'm guessing we're going to get a lyric video of Revolt today and then Aftermath tomorrow, a video for each part of the main narrative. I'm interested to see what they do with that...
  10. To me it goes with Defector. I can't listen to one without the other
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