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  1. Yup... Took us nearly 3 hours to get back to Victoria from Stratford...Strangely, when I saw the foos there last year it was a lot more streamlined and didn't take anywhere near as long, someone dropped the ball...Eventually rolled into Brighton at 3am...nearly died from being in the mosh pit for an hour and a half... But a crackin night all the same...
  2. What gets me is the fact that in the Czech Republic it's only 57 euros for standing (or about £41) It'd almost be worth flying out there and staying for a couple of days...
  3. Or this would be a much better way! Doh!
  4. You need to edit your signature to include this info too. Click your username in the top right, then click on User CP in the menu at the top, followed by Edit Signature in the menu on the left.
  5. There's an Irish radio station running a competition for tickets in Dublin on the 5th April... I'm so f*ckin psyched!
  6. Yup, lyrically, this album is by far this worst. I still think overall the album's better than the previous 2...
  7. Done, thanks for sorting this. Personally, I'm finding myself more and more disappointed with this album, musically it's good, but I think the lyrics are probably the most suspect Matt has ever come up with. The hype surrounding it when Matt said it was their best album, not sure a single track would have made it onto OOS...I'd go as far to say that this is my least favourite album, having said that, T2L and TR took a while to grow on me...
  8. Nope, you're not, I remember there being both white and black on the absolution tour...
  9. Just found this on my phone: Wish I'd recorded more now, the quality wasn't too bad Anyone else now on a massive comedown?
  10. ALBUM TOUR! Was nice to meet you too Hope the drive back wasn't too bad, What time did they come out in the end?
  11. Twas indeed fucking awesome... Loved every minute of it
  12. They played dead star tonight... I'll lose control of all bodily functions if they play that tomorrow!
  13. 20 minutes on the bus...Love it...cannot wait!
  14. Gonna be awesome, gonna be in the Mash Tun before the gig if you fancy dropping in
  15. Oh yeah...he'll be fine with whatever, he's just desparate to get in! I'm looking at standing mainly, only cos I already have standing tickets for me and the wife...fingers crossed!
  16. I'm in for that, I'm trying to get one for a friend so will keep trying for 2
  17. As in...Refreshing the page that say "Sorry, No matches were found"? I didn't know that worked! Thanks for the heads up!
  18. Ah well, been trying to get one for a friend of mine for the last half an hour...no good
  19. Well, I'd say only if the person who bought the tickets is with you, they just need to produce the card used to pay and some id at the door (and be going to the gig)...So you need someone who bought 2 tickets who only has a need for one...good luck
  20. Tis 1860 apparently...gonna be friggin awesome
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