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  1. They are two of my absolute favorite bands and still I've never seen the similarity between them.
  2. It's not supposed to flow well gosh. All playlists doesn't need to flow well, none of mine's do that.
  3. I really wanna catch Wu - Tang Clan at 18.30, do you guys think I'll get a good spot at the front after 19.30?
  4. Hey, Easily has a solo hasn't it?
  5. I'm pretty sure my list is 1. Bliss 2. Citizen Erased 3. Blackout 4. Map of the Problematique 5. Dead Star 6. Butterflies & Hurricanes 7. New Born 8. Knights of Cydonia 9. Futurism 10. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 [Redemption]
  6. I would love for them to play the whole album as one set for the arena tour. Then they will have time to play TG and the visuals will probably help to fill out the experience. Then they'll have a second set with 15 old songs. That would be awesome IMO.
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