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  1. Just checked the other formats (CD/cassette/...) and they also include early access for this gig
  2. https://musesetlist.settheset.com/t/musesetlist/selection I guess they forgot (again) a lot of songs. Could be on purpose but Fury is missing...
  3. Hi there, does anyone have the recordings of these shows? http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2006/wembley-arena-london-england-43d6c7d7.html http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2006/trent-fm-arena-nottingham-nottingham-england-2bd60c52.html I found them on musebootlegs but there were no seeders available...
  4. Hi everyone, Muse PT (Portugal) have just released this multicam DVD containing all the songs that were played in both Muse shows in Lisbon in May: Please check it out and feel free to give us some feedback, thank you
  5. Hi everyone, Muse PT just released a multicam dvd from both shows in Lisbon. Here it is if you want to check it out:
  6. Hi everyone, I have made a poll where people can vote in which songs they would like the band to play here in Portugal. It'll be open until the 31st and then the "official" portuguese fan page will try to get this to the band/management so that they know what people that are going to the gig would like to see. If you're not coming to the concert I ask you not to vote. Here it is: https://polldaddy.com/poll/5272073/ Thank you Note: this does not guarantee that the songs are played and I did not include songs that are played at EVERY show.
  7. Are you planning anything special for Black Holes' 10th anniversary?
  8. Black Sabbath played there in 2013(?) with faith no more and Soundgarden so they're definitely not too heavy... Yeah, it might not be a factor, I just hope it will be there because it would be easier to travel to and cheaper than R/L...
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