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  1. You lot, you all as well as myself are idiots. I just reread Matt's tweet and realized he wasn't trying to announce anything... :noey:


    He said "there is a place and time i.e. 9 PM, Belfast, Sunday." in response to a Tweet about Psycho taking forever to be written, and come out as a song.


    Literally all he is saying is that there is a time and place for things, events, to happen. A common colloquialism. The "i.e. 9 PM, Belfast, Sunday." is 99% likely to be his sarcastic attempt at being funny, especially given the usage of "i.e." showing it as an example, except everyone thought it was an imminent announcement...



    I stand by this revelation and will eat my asshole 10 times if I am proven wrong.


    Bottle of champaigne for you?

  2. Peter O'Neill, the director of Imagine Belfast, has been contacting fan pages this morning asking for information about Muse's gig on Sunday. Apparently he doesn't know anything about it. He sent me this :

    "There is a lot of social media interest in plans for Muse to apparently play in Belfast this Sunday at our festival. Can you confirm?"


    Maybe he wants them to perform there....awesome how rumours work :p

  3. I remember , loads of pages back, that many of you wished for new songs sounding like Citizen erased, for example. Back then I said i don't like songs that sound alike, i'd like to have new songs.... and now there are people who argue that this new riff IS a common riff, and nothing new....it's just a bit of an irony....maybe not the same people who are argueing now...


    Let's see when we get to hear the whole song - who will say then it is great and who will say oh no! that Riff :eek:

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