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    Student of architecture.
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    making, listening to, and discussing music

    designing, drawing, and studying architecture

    imagining, puzzling, and deep thinking
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    David Bowie
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    Star Wars
    Kiki's Delivery Service
    Monty Python
    Indiana Jones
    The Incredibles 1 and 2
    Inside Out
    The Polar Express
    Forrest Gump
    Death Race 2000
    and many others
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    Genius in the Design
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    Showbiz (CD)
    Origin of Symmetry (mp3)
    Absolution (CD)
    Black Holes & Revelations (CD)
    The Resistance (mp3)
    The 2nd Law (mp3)
    Live At Rome Olympic Theater (DVD)
    Drones (vinyl / CD)

    and a few digital singles
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    None yet... :(
  1. TR OoS Drones BH&R Abso ST T2L Showbiz
  2. Matt should do string arrangements for other projects on the side, and a lot of them.
  3. This song is excellent. Just realized I wasn't paying much attention to it on first listens, but I'll put it on par with City Of Delusion now.
  4. I go back and forth between T2L and Showbiz.
  5. I go back and forth on the unoriginality of DD or the laziness of TC, but those are the only two I really feel any sense of dislike about.
  6. Something Human for me. Just a gorgeously written and arranged little pop tune, but Propaganda, BITM, and Algorithm are hot on its heels.
  7. A fun exercise to retry now that ST is out. Showbiz: Muscle Museum Sunburn Showbiz Spiral Static Fillip Falling Down Unintended Cave Uno Hate This And I'll Love You Sober Escape Overdue OoS: New Born Citizen Erased Futurism Bliss Space Dementia Micro Cuts Hyper Music Plug In Baby Dark Shines Feeling Good Megalomania Screenager Abso: Time Is Running Out Hysteria Stockholm Syndrome Falling Away With You Butterflies And Hurricanes Apocalypse Please Ruled By Secrecy Sing For Absolution The Small Print Endlessly Blackout Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist BH&R: Map Of The Problematique Supermassive Black Hole Take A Bow Knights Of Cydonia Starlight City Of Delusion Assassin Soldier's Poem Invincible Hoodoo Exo-Politics TR: United States Of Eurasia / Collateral Damage Undisclosed Desires Exogenesis (3 > 1 > 2) MK Ultra I Belong To You The Resistance Uprising Unnatural Selection Guiding Light T2L: Madness Supremacy Panic Station Isolated System Survival Animals Explorers Unsustainable Big Freeze Follow Me Save Me Liquid State Drones: Reapers Revolt Dead Inside Mercy The Handler Psycho The Globalist / Drones Defector Aftermath ST: Something Human Propoganda Break It To Me Algorithm The Void Blockades Pressure The Dark Side Get Up And Fight Dig Down Thought Contagion
  8. Top 5 last four: USoE Reapers Revolt Madness Exogenesis (part 3 if I have to pick just one) Bottom 5 last four: Follow Me Liquid State DD TC Big Freeze I still love ST and hold it over T2L, but I think now I’m seeing those couple of duds and the shortness of it really weigh it below being one of my all time favs. TR and Drones are still better, and yes I enjoy Aftermath.
  9. TR OoS DRONES Abso BH&R ST T2L Showbiz
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