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  1. Looking to get reserved seating for Manchester at the 1pm sale. Any ball park price figures?
  2. I like it! Algorithm is great but the alt version is something else. It's a very ballsy album, I felt Drones while it had 'riffs' it was just luke-warm. ST is stupid but so nuts it really sells itself and commits. I'm a fan! Blockades sounds like the fake leaks that people make I don't mind GUAF. Way better than Revolt IMO, which was essentially a crap musical theatre number with that strange tempo shift etc. Somebody else said it too, but I think it sounds way more in the vein of Follow Me.
  3. I quite like it, I have a bit of a soft spot for the 'Whoahs'. While people have obviously been comparing it positively/negatively with DD I think there's a good bit of of cohesion between the two tracks. Both relatively slow, stompy rhythms with lots of emphasis on the back beat. Obviously TC is more upbeat/driving in feel but maintains that stompy backbeat heavy basis. I'm not sure how the 'bitten by' part sits with me. I think structurally it comes across a bit strangely as it is first heard leading into a chorus ('Whoahs') then is next heard (with stabs, which I like) coming out of a chorus so it feels a bit ambiguous as to whether it's a pre-chorus or a post/part two chorus.
  4. I believe I've managed to figure it out. It's similar to the tom rhythm he plays in Helsinki Jam, with him playing quavers with his RH and LF on the floor tom and hihat, then filling the space in between each quaver with a bass drum on the semiquaver off beat, which is why it has that driving 16ths feel. Then there's the short little semiquaver bursts on the floor tom and rack tom too. Tricky rhythm to master and then to maintain!
  5. I think it's a cracking track overall! The drum part is miles better than anything on The 2nd Law, which as a drummer I find refreshing. Some really neat fills with the little sextuplet bursts and crotchet triplets. The lyrics I aren't particularly magnificent, but I suppose they make a point. I still think surely Matt could have changed 'ass' to 'mind' or something like that. Good meaty raw riffing goodness still. Glad it's not the lead single. I think it kinda lacks a bit of thoughtful song writing to warrant it being that. Still great fun to listen to though!
  6. Perhaps Muse are actually watching the forum and every time somebody goes "they're gonna release it on Wednesday, I know it" or another day they just go "nope not doing that day". Then the lack of a single is all your fault.
  7. Sounds like the clip has been taken while they were recording the "DRONES" shouty bit. Cool riff, I'd say more of a RATM feel rather than AC/DC, but I get where people are getting them from. The inevitable 10 minute version... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8Z0XoJJA0o&feature=youtu.be
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