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  1. I’ve only listened the first disc so far. (Got the box around 8 pm) I’ll listen more later in the evening (and tomorrow).
  2. Got the box today here in Finland. 👍👍
  3. Updated: Showbiz: Sunburn (x2) Cave (Piano-version) Unintended Agitated Yes Please Origin: Plug In Baby (x7) Feeling Good (x3) New Born (x2) Bliss Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Absolution: Hysteria (x7) Time Is Running Out (x7) Stockholm Syndrome (x5) Apocalypse Please Blackout Black Holes: Supermassive Black Hole (x7) Knights Of Cydonia (x7) Starlight (x7) Map Of The Problematique (x3) Take A Bow (x2) Resistance: Uprising (x7) Resistance (x4) Undisclosed Desires (x4) Exogenesis Overture (x2) United States Of Eurasia (x2) Guiding Light (x2) Unnatural Selection 2nd Law: Madness (x4) Isolated System (x3) Unsustainable (x3) Survival (x2) Supremacy (x2) Animals (x2) Follow Me (x2) Panic Station (x2) Liquid State (x2) Explorers Drones: Psycho (x3) Mercy (x3) Reapers (x2) The Handler (x2) Dead Inside (x2) The Globalist Simulation Theory: Algorithm The Dark Side Pressure Propaganda Break It To Me Thought Contagion Dig Down (Gospel) Riffs, intros etc. (approximately - according to musewiki): Metal Medley Nishe Pray Drones (x2) We Are The Universe Algorithm (AR-version) JFK (x2) Drill Sergeant (x2) Helsinki Jam Kaoss Jam MK Jam Montpellier Jam (x2) Munich Jam (x2) Houston Jam Man With The Harmonica (x7) Who Knows Who (x3) Headup (x3) Prelude (x2) Interlude (x7) War Within A Breath (x2) Etudes Simples nr. 6 Township Rebellion (x2) Back In Black (x3) STT Interstitial 1,2 & 3 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) House Of The Rising Sun Close Encounters Maggie's Farm Wild Thing Burning Bridges Micro Cuts Outro Dracula Mountain Freedom Endless Nameless
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