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  1. Here's the video: http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/06/19/Открытие_Арена_Moscow/Muse
  2. Enjoy because the concert is crazy, wish I was there! http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/06/30/Gloria_K%C3%B6ln/Muse
  3. http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/29/Olympiapark_M%C3%BCnchen_Munich/Muse
  4. It was shot from the public perspective, hope you'll like it! http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/15/The_Mayan_Los_Angeles,_CA/Muse
  5. Hope you'll like it http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/16/Verizon_Wireless_Amphitheater_/_Irvine_Meadows_Amphitheatre_Irvine/Muse
  6. Enjoy! http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2010/12/06/Brisbane_Entertainment_Centre_Brisbane,_Queensland/Muse
  7. Here's the video: http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/03/23/Brighton_Dome_Brighton/Muse God I wish, I lived in the UK, what a gig this makes me wanna go and see them live more than ever!
  8. Woo look at the crowd: it's totally crazy in there, would have love to be there! Check out the video here: www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/03/22/Manchester_Academy_1_Manchester/Muse
  9. Enjoy my friends http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/03/16/Barrowland_Ballroom/Muse
  10. Best day of my life! Hope you'll like it! Â http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/03/15/Ulster_Hall_Belfast/Muse Â
  11. Well apparently Drone's gonna be hard! More info here: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://www.virginradio.fr/
  12. For you guys to wait until the beginning of their tour in may 2015, hope you'll love the video 'cause it's awesome! http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2013/12/13/Allphones_Arena_Sydney_Olympic_Park/Muse
  13. Hi, A world contest was launched to elect the best band of the year! Muse CAN'T LOOSE, if you wanna participate click here: http://www.evergig.com/artists/muse (1 follow = 1 vote) Come on : let's prove we're the best fans ever. And to remind us why we're voting for them, here's a live video: http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2009/10/31/Stade_Couvert_R%C3%A9gional_Li%C3%A9vin/Muse
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