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  1. I'm planning to use the only one I got myself. Already got a digital copy as preorder but yeah a phsycial copy can be cool novelty :)
  2. yeah I suppose Muse sent codes to 3rd party sites before ticket salets began. Late delivery could be a issue otherwise...
  3. I got mine today. Purchased it from muse.shop.ticketstoday
  4. not with the website but about Prague in general. How many days is good for seeing prague? I got room for 5 nights but is that too much or too few? I'll be staying at prague 1 I think..
  5. My hopes for Prague gig. 1) Reapers 2) Some weird intro + Stockholm Syndrome 3) Psycho (has to blend in with stockholm syndrome like they used to play 030503 riff) ----Citizen Erased Intro Tease. 4) Hyper Music + Agitated Outro 5) The Handler 6) Plug In Baby 7) Dead Inside -----Munich Jam 8) Mercy 9) Sunburn 10) Citizen Erased 11) Micro Cuts (I REALLY WANT THIS ONE) 12) Supremacy 13) Hysteria 14) Panic Station 15) Recess 16) Time is Running Out --------------- Encore 17) [JFK] Defector 18) The Globalist 19) Harmonica + Knights of Cydonia
  6. When the thing on fire is you, or anything close to you within 10 meters, its physically VERY demanding. You truly underestimate the heat of the flames and rising temperture at the stage. Either way its way more demanding than what Muse does.. My only concern would be vocals. Which imo Matt should get his rest for a week or two after South America is done and work with a vocal coach for 2 months before Paris nights.
  7. Rammstein did quite a bit of whipping at concerts, on stage. Also each member of Rammsten is licensed pyrotechnician. All the guitarist have guitars with flamethrowers attached, Till often wears a "fire suit" which is exactly what you understand of it Other stuff including but not limited to, drumsticks with firecracker, flame breathing.. HEADPHONE WARNING.
  8. Bb king did 342 gigs in a year back in 1959 and 200 gig per year up until he was 75... His gigs wasnt especially hard on the body, no jumping around etc but still im pretty sure people can gig every day for 15 days or so. Rammstein gigged 27 times in 4 weeks. And holy shit they do one of the most physically demanding gigs. Fire effects, bdsm stuff and well all sort of things:LOL:
  9. I think Ill prefer to stay at centre. Coming back from O2 shouldnt be so hard as there will be many people doing just the same.. in the other hand Id have some issues with stayin at o2 side, as im gonna stay for 5-6. Nightlife and stuff Is it hard to get a cab at prague? Do you guys have uber?
  10. Yeah fakin mewz not coming to my town either. Gonna travel to prague, got my standing tickets. Little bummed that none of my friends gonna join me but meh Ill meet some Musers over there
  11. Inb4 Showbiz at London ends up being like Smells like teen spirit @ buenos aires. Tease for 3-4 times then dont play it at all. Because you cunts deserve that for getting 4 nights with muse:LOL:
  12. I wonder if people will try rotating with the circle. 4 degrees per minute doesnt look too bad if you are close up
  13. this is again, down to the preferrence. What they do is an art and some bands or musicians prefer to do plain, straight forward gigs and some do the other way around. Considering production as "overbearing and distracting" in my opinion is wrong. Because an gig should be considered as a "whole". You just have to accept that what you are paying for is not plain music, but a show. They started off aiming to strip the sound back, they never mentioned anything production wise. That being said, I also would like Muse to do more intimate and striped back gigs. But I know that I will enjoy the shit out of the amazing production they are planning about. And I bet you will also do
  14. Ive seen both shows with spectacular productions like Wall-remake and simple ones like Jack White and Neil Young. They are both amazing to attend. I dont really have a preference Its down to the personal choice of the artist. Muse have done plenty of laid back gigs at Psycho tour. I understand that they want something huge now. Also it is not possible to do what they are doing with drones at an open stadium gig. If you have 16 drones flying close by, you cant afford to deal with wind and weather conditions.
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