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  1. At least it is at The Hydro this time around which should be a lot better than the shed across the road.
  2. Got Standing tickets in the venue pre-sale today for Glasgow. Not to fussed about ticket price as spent a lot more travelling to the Etihad gig when I think about it.
  3. I ended up going through Ticketmaster site for Glasgow and missed out Just checked my email and I have an email with venue pre-sale tomorrow because I ordered SECC last time (Glasgow). If anyone else done the same you probably have one aswell. Will give it a bash. £71 is steep when you need to pay for 4 and likely not get the money for weeks. They will be getting chased up sharpish!!
  4. Just head for the tolbooth (or trongate) at the bottom of the gallowgate if you are struggling for time, you should get a taxi no problem. Cant believe Muse are playing the Barrowlands on Monday night, dafuckkkkkkkk
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