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  1. thank you it sounds kind of cheesy, but i was also thinking of a bundle of arranged roses with a satellite sort of emerging through....i'll have to post a finished drawing so you can see!
  2. Hey all! So one of my favorite songs is Hoodoo. I want to get the first part, "Come into my life, regress into a dream", but would like something a little more unique than just the words. So I came across am autographed picture Matt signed, and took the letters he'd written and arranged them out into the lyrics I'd like. What do you think? I'd also like to add some actual art, just not entirely sure yet what of.
  3. Hey everyone! So I was wondering if I could get your creative input as to what I should include while designing my tattoo idea. I want "Come into my life, regress into a dream" from Hoodoo, but I would like more than just the words. I'd prefer this to be in black/gray...not a fan of color tattoos. If you have any ideas, symbolism suggestions, etc I'd greatly appreciate it Thanks!
  4. hope you like it. done in graphite/ink
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