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  1. It looks stunning, good that it's finally making its way to you! I can pay testament to the fact that they weren't exaggerating when describing the weather here recently...
  2. Oh fuuuuuuuu.... that's a very spicy meat-a-ball. Very seksy Wait.. its yours??? Maybe I was pulled by some unnatural force Aw james don't. I'm still a bit shook by it all. I've not tasted it yet, unsure if I want to. In other news though, I'm selling my AC30 in favour of a THR10 and a good set of headphones. Vile has not been getting the attention she deserves of late and I fear it's due to the fact that I can't play through my Vox in my flat without waking up the dog that lives on the other side of town. Anyone used a THR before?
  3. I can only commend your patience. I'd have been banging on their front door with a pitchfork by now. Also when was the last time the three of us were the last three concurrent posters...
  4. While I was aware I was laying such a response on a plate with my post, YOU of all people Jaicen
  5. It's a tempting one, but frankly there will only ever be one vile orange in my life.
  6. Some things in life require time and patience, I understand. Patience is the last thing on my mind, though, when I look at that guitar. Strangely, the only thing I can think of is which kidney I'm going to have to imminently sell.
  7. Hello all, Like a small deer, lost in the fog, I have been estranged from this fine thread for some time. Indeed, in a perfect world all lost animals would find their way back home eventually, and as I find myself becoming lost in my own metaphor, I return to you all. I would be lying if I told you that a large part of my lure back into the world of breakfasts, knobs, Nandos and a perennial wait for Bs' next post wasn't down to james90's ludicrously sexy new guitar, but we all have our reasons for everything. All is well with me; Vile Orange is in good health even if she has been somewhat neglected of late. She lies in wait at my parents house as I've recently moved into a new 2nd floor flat with no lift and, frankly, the thought of carrying my 30kg Vox up the stairs gives me heart palpitations. Soon enough I will cave and bring them both up north with me though. I fear returning here may play a peculiar part in that... Anyway, fill me in, lads and lassies. What's new?
  8. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas K&T <3 James that cake looks both lovely and filled with Irn.
  9. That's devastating. If you don't want it anymore I'll take the bullet and give it a home
  10. They've done well to hide the true vile-ness of the mirror pickguard in those pictures, actually.. Perpetual satisfaction is only a sock away James.
  11. Really? Have you got a link? I need a vile monopoly.. 3 grand? Don't give me any ideas
  12. Almost? I'd sacrifice livestock for one. That's not the problem They're green and everything :'(
  13. No we're just the same person Genuinely happened. Claimed that the signal was weak as a result. eBay accepted the return before I had the chance to call him a moron.
  14. Yes I definitely think a more stealthy approach would be beneficial Aw man, I've still got mine. Not tried to sell it since someone asked for a refund because the washers on the input jacks were loose. Useless rock.
  15. I feel I've nothing left to offer this board now that I no longer need to talk up Irn Bru.
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