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  1. So are any of you Screenagers going to said Festival? I cried buckets last year, when they ditched Denmark ;..; ...Because of a broken foot? (link in Danish) http://politiken.dk/kultur/musik/ECE1828093/braekket-fod-aflyser-muse-koncerter-i-skandinavien/ btw is it a rule to post in English on the board?? (This is one of my first posts, on http://board.muse.mu/)
  2. When will I be able to buy ALL of Muse' studio albums in vinyl from muse.mu? (or anywhere else I guess) I have been checking this link frequently.. http://muse.mu/store/category,albums_1aspx.htm?T=14 ..and they are all there except for Showbiz. I'm new to the forum. I don't know if this is the right place to ask, so if anyone knows where to ask instead please say. I have e-mailed support twice. It's sometime ago though. The answer was "They're not in stock" It probably still is but if anyone knows I'd like to be reassured.
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