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  1. A rehashed version of my previous setlist. Psycho Supermassive Black Hole The Groove Dead Inside New Born Plug In Baby The Handler Hysteria Citizen Erased Apocalypse Please Supremacy JFK + Defector Munich Jam Madness Revolt Uprising Mercy Time Is Running Out Reapers Muscle Museum Bliss Stockholm Syndrome Aftermath The Globalist Knights Of Cydonia
  2. I've returned to the boards with a new setlist. It's a big one with several callbacks to earlier times. Drones Reapers Psycho Supermassive Black Hole The Groove Bliss Dead Inside Map Of The Problematique + Pre-Sunburn Riff The 2nd Law: Isolated System The Handler Hysteria + Vulistamen + Maggie's Farm Riffs Citizen Erased Apocalypse Please + Laura Palmer's Theme Sunburn Munich Jam JFK + Defector Madness Revolt MK Ultra + School Riff Uprising Time Is Running Out + Jimmy Jam + Power Of Soul Riff New Born + Microphone Fiend + Ashamed Riffs Aftermath ----- Muscle Museum Plug In Baby The Small Print + Negative Creep + Hyper Music + Dead Star Riffs Stockholm Syndrome + Township Rebellion + Execution Commentary + Agitated + Endless Nameless Riffs ----- The Globalist ----- Take A Bow Mercy Knights Of Cydonia + Space Dementia Outro
  3. Updated my old setlist. Added 7 more songs. (JFK) Defector Dead Star Supermassive Black Hole (Early Version) Hysteria The Handler Micro Cuts Citizen Erased Fury (Falsetto) Muscle Museum (Ext) Futurism Plug In Baby Bliss (Ext) Uno Hyper Music Yes Please + Crazy Days Outro Agitated MK Ultra The Small Print + Township Rebellion Riff Reapers Assassin (Debase Version) Stockholm Syndrome + Riffs Take A Bow
  4. Well I thought it sounded similar to TOADA since they both instrumentally sound like positive songs but the lyrics say otherwise. In terms of your second comment. Well ...that's an opinion.
  5. I actually love this new song. Sounds like a mix of Starlight and TOADA. Brilliant. The music video was really cool also. Looked very similar to the Darkshines visuals from R+L 2011.
  6. Woohoo another Muser from Ipswich!

  7. Some weird kind of stadium set. Would replace a song with Reapers but I'm not sure which. Psycho Uno Assassin Futurism Fury Muscle Museum Bliss Dead Inside Map Of The Problematique Hysteria Citizen Erased Space Dementia Apocalypse Please Ruled By Secrecy Hyper Music Agitated Dead Star The Small Print Micro Cuts Yes Please The 2nd Law: Isolated System Showbiz Knights Of Cydonia Take A Bow Plug In Baby Stockholm Syndrome
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