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  1. Finally assembling my second build. Will be popping in the P-90 tomorrow night along with wiring. Still having to hold up cause its been storming again to put my logo on the headstock of the neck... Other than that it's go!
  2. Recorded this cover of The Killers song "Believe Me Natalie." Was a bit uneasy uploading this because I actually dated a Natalie for a long time. I uploaded it on soundcloud, she doesn't follow me on there but if I posted it on youtube then she'd probably kill me. Even though I haven't spoken to or seen her in years I still have feelings for her. Part love and part anger and lastly a little sad. If she ever does listen to the song I hope she doesn't get upset at me over it. Somehow Natalie does cross my mind every now and then. I miss having someone to love. I do miss having Natalie around as even a friend though. Our relationship was without a doubt the best thing that happened to me. Every other girl I ask out doesn't give me a chance nowadays. At least there was someone for me back then.
  3. Wet sanded and if it didn't rain I would've sprayed the blue. Already starting some planning for build number 3... This time I'll be doing a stratocaster variant of some kind. Probably going with a black/gold theme. Picking up a buddy of mine from California at the airport tomorrow and another friend is coming from Canada. Fellow guitar nuts. Update... Just ordered a neck from Warmoth for the 3rd build. Will post pics when it arrives.
  4. Wet sanding today (after I get some sleep...) and then will be spraying the blue!
  5. Did 3 coats of clear last night on my custom build. As you can see in the pic there's 2 acoustics and a telecaster body that also got clear coats. Will be doing another 3 coats on the electrics today.
  6. Spraying my 2nd build this evening. Actually have already started plans for my 3rd...
  7. Revolt is my favorite from this one... Already have learned most of it on guitar.
  8. Got paint and its confirmed... BSA British Blue... Stopped by my friend Kirby's place and asked him about the pinstripes. He's done work on some of Billy Gibbons' guitars and will be doing some touches on this one. Kirby mainly works with cars or motorcycles but I know he will do an amazing job. Just finished with the filler today and will be sanding that down later tonight.
  9. Seems so but one minute I stick to it, the next its something different. If it's the same like my BSA then it'll have white pinstripes on it so it wouldn't just be blue.
  10. Body is finally ready for the finishing process! Now... What color should this one be?!?
  11. Same thickness as a Telecaster. It'll be a bit thinner because I still have final sanding for prepping finish. Using longer pots this time so I didn't have to route so deep for the volume/tone controls. The 3 way switch is really deep though...
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