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  1. I was underwhelmed and sort of frustrated when I heard the song for the first time, but after several hours passing and then revisiting it, I now think it's a pretty decent song. I really enjoy the excess of expletives, and while the lyrics are tilting to a simplistic side, I don't think I could've imagined deeply metaphorical or introspective lyrics for a song with an incredibly groovy melody and riff.
  2. I think The Resistance is a great album. I love how thematic it is as a collection of songs.
  3. That must suck for the fans who planned on seeing them live. (And of course the band member/s who's sick)
  4. I'd rather a conceptual album with similar lyrics and musical ideas instead of a mixture of random unrelated songs. But maybe I'm biased because BH&R is one of my favourite albums...
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