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  1. I was underwhelmed and sort of frustrated when I heard the song for the first time, but after several hours passing and then revisiting it, I now think it's a pretty decent song. I really enjoy the excess of expletives, and while the lyrics are tilting to a simplistic side, I don't think I could've imagined deeply metaphorical or introspective lyrics for a song with an incredibly groovy melody and riff.
  2. I think The Resistance is a great album. I love how thematic it is as a collection of songs.
  3. Fillip is one of my favourite songs from Showbiz. Then again, Starlight is one of my favourite Muse songs so that shouldn't be surprising.
  4. In no particular order: Bliss Plug In Baby Time Is Running Out Stockholm Syndrome Starlight Soldier's Poem Invincible Knights of Cydonia Resistance Unnatural Selection
  5. That must suck for the fans who planned on seeing them live. (And of course the band member/s who's sick)
  6. I'd rather a conceptual album with similar lyrics and musical ideas instead of a mixture of random unrelated songs. But maybe I'm biased because BH&R is one of my favourite albums...
  7. I only recently discovered the Dead Star - In Your World EP. Great songs (and cover).
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