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  1. I have a bootleg audio from the concert I attended in 10.06.13 and although it is LQ, it's the only recording I have from then. The whole thing btw. Don't know if anyone is minimally interested.
  2. To me, Supremacy does the job as the opener, even thematically. "What's He Building In There?" sets the ominous wandering of what is happening to the world or what are major corprations doing, which is revealed in aggression during Supremacy. I don't think it goes well after IS though. In my gig, Supremacy rigged open the sky and kicked off right at twilight, turning into a dark night soon after, almost as if the concert was revealing something to the world. I think WHBIT would provide an even better experience. And about MK Ultra... I would have never thought Take a Bow could be a good closer, only an opener, after hearing BHAR. Then came HAARP, they reinvented TaB. MK Ultra already sets the mood for a closer, just needs something extra to finish off epically.
  3. I think TIRO being late in the set kills the experience a bit. Personal preference too. As for B&H > Un, that was the intention. To have a break in the middle of the main set, giving room to breathe. But okay. And thank you for the honesty!
  4. Well, after Blackout comes Survival. So technically you have the Prelude linking both songs. Also, they meant Blackout and Prelude, not IS and Blackout. EDIT: Sorry for double posting.
  5. Liquid State [save Me intro; Dracula Mountain outro] --- Save Me's chorus' chords play as the bass softly changes and progressively turns agressive and violent, overpowering the guitars, leading into Liquid State. As the outro, play the Dracula Mountain cover. Blackout [isolated System intro; Survival's Prelude outro] --- Play a clip of IS (as a tape, obviously) before Blackout, and lead its end to Prelude. They fit PERFECTLY. Blackout ends on the same note as the first in Prelude, or at least so it seems. Citizen Erased Take a Bow Starlight MK Ultra --- What's wrong?
  6. It wasn't? I thought so, oh well. Still. The crowd singing a cover without Matt's voice right before TIRO sent chills down my spin last June. Sigh. Not having Monty Jam puzzles me, it fits right before Feeling Good so perfectly... PS: You watch Breaking Bad. I like that.
  7. What's He Building in There? Supremacy Resistance Panic Station Supermassive Black Hole Time is Running Out [House of The Rising Sun intro] Animals Sunburn [piano intro] Knights of Cydonia Follow Me Map of the Problematique Butterflies & Hurricanes Unintended New Born Liquid State [save Me intro; Dracula Mountain outro] The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Feeling Good [Monty Jam intro] Plug in Baby Bliss [Hullaballoo version intro] Blackout [isolated System intro; Survival's Prelude outro] Survival Citizen Erased Take a Bow [HAARP version] Starlight MK Ultra I don't know about Madness, Hysteria, Uprising and Undisclosed Desires. They're not really my thing but they had to be here somewhere. And also, I don't get why MK Ultra isn't played live often. It's got everything to be perfect live!
  8. Really? Monty Jam and House of the Rising Sun are like one minute each or so, why weren't they in the movie? They were exclusives of this tour and all. Monty Jam was perfect when used to introduce Feeling Good and HOTRS had a pretty amazing audience reception (at least on my gig). Dracula Mountain was just purely badass. On the contrary, we got MWAH. Meh.
  9. So to everyone who saw the movie, do we get Monty Jam? House of the Rising Sun? Dracula Mountain? And what's the intro, is it the Unsustainable dialogue?
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