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  1. Hello everyone ! I don't know if it is the good place to ask this, or if it is good to just ask this at all, but I did som researches and I didn't found what I was looking for, so i'm asking you, fellow Muse fans ! Does anyone know where I can see/download the video being displayed in the background at this gig during Micro Cuts : It seems to be a very interesting video and I really want to ad to my collection Again sorry if it is the wrong place, I didn't mean to bother anyone, and I know such big online forums are very ruled ^^ (And btw sorry for my broken English)
  2. Hey everyone ! Did it yesterday : it's fucking awesome ! I really love the way how it looks, better than what I expected It's really basic but it's the way I asked it Here are the pics : (And thank you Aquifa ^^)
  3. Hello everyone ! I'm seriously thinking since a long time about getting a muse tatoo on the inside of my wrists It's gonna be in link with OOS : On my left wrist, one of the pales of the OOS cover, and on my right wrist : ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY It will be medium sized, not to big and not to small ^^ What do you think about it ? Have you any photos of a ressembling project ? I'm not getting into reading those 195 previous pages ahah Thank you for reading, and if you could eventually correct my text, I'm a French student who studies English and it will be good if you show me my misspells ^^
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