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  1. Thanks for your help! I checked out the millenium bypass with led. I don't think I really got it tho... but maybe just getting a little 3pdt on-on switch will be easier as I will be able to simply follow my diagram. (It's the musikding version). To wait until it arrives. I will just skip the led bit and use its 3 legs to follow the most important part...the fuzz!
  2. I know right But I finally found the guts to do it yesterday and the strings are well aligned. Even better: I didn't had to compensate with the tom to get it perfectly tuned! As for the electronics, I went a little psycho with two spsd on-on switches to coil tap the humbucker and replicate the look of the sustainer switches... other than that 1 volume, 1 tone and a 3 pos toggle nothing too fancy. The little led turns on when the fuzz is on so that's pretty cool. the action is pretty low and no buzz. I'm glad I followed your adices about the neck guys. used to be a gfs paddle one. Really comfy to play! Now the problem Even if the fuzz is functionnal, I can't get it to work as a on-board fx. Do someone know how I could manage to get it to work true-bypass style with a on-on DPDT switch (six metal legs behind) I'm currently brain-storming to try to sort this problem out. would it work to connect all the wires as they would be interracting normally with a footswitch in "on" position (9 legs) and use one of the two rows of connections to choose wether or not the 9v is in the circuit and the other row would take care of the hot signal going through the fuzz of bypassing it. not sure if it's understandable. Pretty difficult to explain electronic sh*t in your second language...
  3. I totally forgot to post the process but here it is after being strongly delayed because a fly crashed itself in the fresh clearcoat... http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/30/1437901088-20150726-105225.jpg Almost impossible to notice the orange peel I tried to replicate with hammerite underneath on photo http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/30/1437901301-20150726-105312.jpg
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