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    Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT 2013. Webster Hall 2015.
  1. What is the question at the very end, during the credits? About compliments or somehting?
  2. alclut

    Mercy: Playlists

    I used the Roskilde Festival video of Mercy and Time Is Running Out. Does that count, if it's not the Official Mercy video? The directions were not terribly specific. :unsure:
  3. Absolutely astonishing concert. Everything I hoped for and more. Very awesome crowd and perfect, as always, Muse. Thank you Muse.
  4. Second thought, I'm going to tweet. alexiscammiller on Twitter
  5. Setting up. A lot more spare than the 2013 arena tour! LOL
  6. Y'all don't know my twitter, but I will post on here as long as my battery lasts! Bare Hands. Ok, they are done as of right now.
  7. It's too much to hope for. The universe is not that perfect.
  8. Interesting. They do so many shows its surprising they can't handle the volume if its their own ticketing service.
  9. I also hate to say it, but when I bought 2nd law tix on Ticketmaster my problem was spending ages deciding what the best seating would be. How lucky I was then. My Mexican friend calls that "First World problems."
  10. And somehow I managed to miss getting tickets for that BF show!
  11. True, but I've also bough tickets for The Killers through the same system and it actually worked.
  12. Just as a comparison, I just bought Brandon Flowers tickets for New York City. He used Concertmaps. They came on at 10am, I had tickets for New York and Boston secured by 10am and 30 seconds, Had them bought by 10:02am, and had a confirmation in my email inbox by 10:02pm, and his New York show was sold out by 10:02am. Some ticket servers work!
  13. Thanks. I was going to post what to do when I found out, but you beat me to it. ...Ticket anxiety relieved.
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