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    A Vermont girl living in England.
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    Manchester, UK
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    All crafty stuff like dressmaking, crochet, soap making, needlework. Horror films, lots of music and Wicca.
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    PA / Admin Assistant
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    Social Distortion, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, KMFDM, Everclear, most 90's alternative bands (my generation) and all punk, industrial and metal.
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    Anything horror! Especially George Romero.
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    The Walking Dead, True Detective, Adventure Time, The Day Today, Brass Eye, Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside - pretty much anything scary or funny!
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    Clive Barker, Stephen King
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    Pretty much all of them, except nothing on vinyl.
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    22 March 2015 - Manchester Academy! Hoping they do another UK tour soon :)
  1. Hi. My name is Eleanor. I'm 55 and live in Cardiff. I first saw Muse at the Emirates Stadium in 2013. I saw them in Newport in March. I have ME. I also have two nieces and a nephew who live in Manchester. They are all in their early 40s and the girls like Muse, too.There used to be a few nice people who posted here regularly but they've all disappeared. Serpent is very ill so I worry when she doesn't post. best wishes, Eleanor

  2. Just leaving the flat now. Walking up Oxford Road, can't wait to get there! So there's no chance of seeing the band...I'm just looking forward to the show!
  3. I've been up since 6am getting excited about seeing Muse later! I had to do some work on a presentation for work but screw it, there's tomorrow, after Muse!! I'll be getting there about 6pm with my boyfriend, so excited for my first Muse gig! (Longtime fan, first time I could afford to go!)
  4. We live in Manchester city centre but probably won't get there until about 6.30. I don't expect to get anywhere near the front, but that's fine - just being in the same room as them is a dream come true for me:D
  5. I'm so looking forward to the Manchester gig! It will be my first Muse show and hopefully not the last - we managed to get tickets first thing when they went on sale on the 12th, thanks to Muse for coming to Manchester and see you Sunday! xx
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