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    24.10.2015, São Paulo, Brazil
    11.06.2016, Stockholm, Sweden
  1. Nunca fui no Banter... vou começar a ler pra ver o que rola! Já estou morrendo com a demora no anúncio dessas datas! Que excitante descobrir vocês que curtem Muse antes da criação do Muse BR! Por onde vocês andam, se o fórum antigo não existe mais?
  2. Passando apenas para tirar a poeira
  3. Can anyone help me understand what Matt says when the interviewer tells him this: "Did you ever at some point just go: "Dude, I'm Matt Bellamy. I'm in Muse. I got it!" And he replies: "I tried that once. And he was like... he was like... (????????) And he was right." What does he say in the place of those question marks? I am translating the interview for Brazilian fans but I can't understand
  4. Really not funny at all... I was devastated, to wake up at 4:30 am of that day in the anticipation to go and be one of the first in line, only to find that it wasn't meant to be! And the worry of not knowing who was sick, what was wrong, whether they would cancel the Lolla gig... Last Thursday was definitely one of the saddest days of my life! Luckily Saturday happened and it was pure redemption!
  5. This 2,500-person gig is NOT sold out YET. How WRONG is that???????????????
  6. You're right!!! They have done the same for me, too
  7. I'm gonna join in the sappiness and say that Muse mean the world to me. I love their talent so much, it has always blown my mind in a way nothing else could for so long, and so many times, again and again. I just can't believe how good songs like New Born are, they have the power to make any bad feelings go away when I put my headphones on and focus on the music. I, too, have felt like making music because of them, and I am learning to play the piano now so I can play the songs I love so much and feel them even more deeply. I am still in love with them, too! I love The Resistance and The 2nd Law just as much as I love Origin of Symmetry and Absolution
  8. Thinking of that U2 Red Zone for R$1000, I think it was cheap
  9. So did I!!! Are we dreaming????????????
  10. Change your signature, Debora!!!!!!!!!!
  11. A music journalist has posted on Twitter this Friday that Muse will play a gig for 2500 fans in São Paulo, 2 days before their appearance at the São Paulo Lollapalooza Festival. Here's the tweet: And the website linked brings this information: Muse to play São Paulo downtown in April Lúcio Ribeiro 14/02/2014 15:13 Exclusive breaking news: the British band Muse, used to playing arenas and one of the biggest attractions of the Lollapalooza Brasil Festival 2014, is playing a gig for 2500 fans at the Grand Metrópole, in São Paulo. The special concert will take place on April 3rd. Lollapalooza Brasil will take place on April 5 and 6, at the Interlagos Race Course. Muse will play the downtown venue on the Thursday before the festival, at which they will play on the 5th. The time and information about tickets to the event will be known when the news become official, in the near future. I LIVE IN SÃO PAULO. I AM FREAKING OUT.
  12. I'm supposed to be packing my stuff to move out of my apartment in two weeks, but it's SO HARD to concentrate on anything!!!! D:
  13. Hi everyone 1) Supermassive Black Hole (118) 2) Time Is Running Out (107) 3) New Born (104) 4) City of Delusion (99) 5) Futurism (91) 6) Exo-Politics (88) 7) Plug In Baby (87) 8) Yes Please (86) 9) Feeling Good (86) 10) Uprising (84) A lot of my favorite Muse riffs are here.
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