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  1. Like it What do you use to clean the mirror pickguard of an MA without trace? And any tips to keep the fretboard clean and dark? Thanks
  2. Here is the new one : It's a 96' Fender Jazz Bass Geddy Lee, crafted in Japan. The neck is beautiful and a joy to play. Jazz Bass Geddy Lee 1996 by Arny, sur Flickr It has Crel Pickups, it's a french brand with sort of coil tap setting on the two pickups. Jazz Bass Geddy Lee 1996 by Arny, sur Flickr The biding is beautiful. Jazz Bass Geddy Lee 1996 by Arny, sur Flickr Jazz Bass Geddy Lee 1996 by Arny, sur Flickr Family picture : Jazz Bass Geddy Lee 1996 by Arny, sur Flickr I will have to buy Schaller Strap locks and a good strap, as well as a good amp that I can use in my bedroom..
  3. It would be interesting to see if the quality is as good as the overall product. About Cort Guitars, there are several videos against Cort Factory on the internet, about the working conditions in South Korea for example. I don't know if it's true or not.
  4. Does someone have pictures of the wood used to make the MA series ? My MA is top quality but I have never seen the natural look of the wood. The Cort MBC-1 will be made in Indonesia as it is written on the back of the headstock.
  5. Hm, I'm wondering if the quality of all of the components and the wood of this guitar will justify the incredibly high price of the real Manson MB1 (and the price of all the Mansons, including my MA2).
  6. Is it possible to have sparkles with a mat body finish? I have a mat black MA-2 and I'm wondering if it's possible to keep the same colour but with sparkles (or the only way is to go with a gloss black with sparkles).
  7. Arny

    Human Gear Animato

    Do you have posted somewhere the informations about what you have changed in the last version to make it works? I'm looking for the last PCB, electric plan, layout, partlist and every informations needed to prepare my shopping list.
  8. Arny

    Human Gear Animato

    Great ! Does it have a true bypass?
  9. Arny

    Human Gear Animato

    Don't give up ! I will need this pedal to use it with bass I will buy at the end of the year
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