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  1. can somebody get them to play Showbiz on the 3 UK dates please and thank you
  2. i think it could go well with Westworld tbh but have no idea when the third season of that will be airing.
  3. whats the new song pray? reckon that'll get an actual release?
  4. 2 of my friends still haven't had any codes sent to them for the early access but i have and we all ordered the same album?????????
  5. is the page that says the codes will be sent on the 4th of November a mistake? should it say december?
  6. Matt's knee slide went considerably better this time compared to in Spain :LOL:
  7. buy tickets for London which is just a massive ball ache or wait around for a bristol show that might not even happen? love it
  8. Any news on a bristol show yet? that isn't some online news saying its going to happen because of the 'extra dates' comment.
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