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  1. I've just bought a cave part 1 single and on the back it has a promotional use only not for resale sticker. Just wondering does this make it anymore valuable or anymore rare than a regular Cave single and does anyone have any info on this kind of thing. Cheers
  2. can't believe i have never heard this. i don't suppose anyone would be able to PM a download of it cause i can't get any of the youtube to mp3 sites to work?
  3. I was chatting to someone at one of the recent Royal Blood shows at the start of August and he said that Muse would be releasing this in time for Christmas which it seems he was right about and also said that someone close to the band (roadie or crew possibly) had mentioned something about a November Origin of Muse tour. just wondering if anyone else knows about this and please let me know if this comment isn't allowed
  4. Right then, what does everyone think the boys will do. Its been 2 albums since the last one so i assume we're due another proper live release.
  5. are there any live streams of this or have i missed it?
  6. SHOWBIZ: Sunburn Unintended ORIGIN: Bliss ( x2 ) Plug In Baby ( x3 ) Feeling Good ABSOLUTION: Time Is Running Out ( x3 ) Stockholm Syndrome ( x2 ) Interlude ( x2 ) Hysteria ( x2 ) Blackout BLACK HOLES: Take A Bow Starlight ( x3 ) Supermassive Black Hole ( x3 ) Assassin Knights ( x3 ) RESISTANCE: Uprising ( x3 ) Resistance Undisclosed Desires ( x2 ) Guiding Light Unnatural Selection 2ND LAW: Supremacy Madness ( x2 ) Panic Station Prelude Survival Follow Me Animals Liquid State Unsustainable ( x2 ) Isolated System DRONES: [Drill Sergeant] Psycho ( x2 ) Mercy Reapers SIMULATION: Algorithm The Dark Side Pressure Propaganda Break It To Me Thought Contagion Algorithm (Alt Version) Dig Down (Acoustic gospel) B-SIDES Dead Star Futurism Agitated OTHERS: Dracula Mountain Jam Montpellier Jam Houston Jam Metal Medley
  7. anyone know roughly what tine the London show ended? got my train booked for 11:40 something ish
  8. for London their instagram story said doors - 5pm Pale Waves - 6:05pm Tom Morello - 7:05pm Muse - 8:30pm
  9. can somebody get them to play Showbiz on the 3 UK dates please and thank you
  10. i think it could go well with Westworld tbh but have no idea when the third season of that will be airing.
  11. whats the new song pray? reckon that'll get an actual release?
  12. 2 of my friends still haven't had any codes sent to them for the early access but i have and we all ordered the same album?????????
  13. is the page that says the codes will be sent on the 4th of November a mistake? should it say december?
  14. Matt's knee slide went considerably better this time compared to in Spain :LOL:
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