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  1. Man, what an awesome concert poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed! Can I use it? lol I'll be there at Muse's Rock in Rio concert.

    really, nice work!

  2. Hey Dan - I'm actually from Austin, TX. The poster I made was just for fun, so I wanted to choose an iconic city like Rio. I attached an image of the poster, or you can check out the project here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Muse-Gig-Poster-(Brazil)/10243041
  3. Haha, ya I figured it would be - no luck so far.
  4. Does anyone know who or how I could get in touch with Muse about doing a gig poster for their Brazil show in Rio this September?? Was hoping to get an email address of a manager or promoter. Thanks!
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