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  1. Muse, you are insufferable cunts. It has been more than 10 years now that you are making shitty music. Stop it already. A teenage boy singing an Erasure or Toto or some kind of My Neighbor Totoro or Japanese anime theme?
  2. ahhh... when Matt & Muse were cool and we would do anything, look like him ... red hair! Great fun times.
  3. there should be a moratorium on recent and overplayed songs like this for rare by request gigs... americans moved to paris, who voted for this shit?
  4. Showbiz Muscle Museum would love to hear them live again
  5. for F SAKE PLAY SHRINKING UNIVERSE Oh well, maybe next time again.
  6. Now we know what he thinks of American Musers LOL. iknow, uknow, we already know, they always get shitty setlists. making it just official jejeje.
  7. Paris, Japan and UK always get the great / better Muse stuffs then. @American fans LOL
  8. Setlist is surprisingly little lame for a by request show at Paris. That’s where they really got big from the start. Many original old Musers from the start there also already jumped out of Muse Love Boat?
  9. ^* Story of my Muse life. The first 3 are interchangeable depending on seasons. BHaR is in a league of it's own #4. I completely blame that album. The last 3 (which could be interchangeable) are what I consider BHaR sequels. Maybe T2L is the definitive worst because unlike TR and Drones which have MK Ultra, I Belong To You, Reapers and The Handler ... T2L has nothing going on for me. #lastpostthanksagainMuse&MuseBoard.
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