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  1. Unintended Bliss Sing For Absolution Soldiers Poem (more so the live versions though....) Exogenesis Part 1 2nd Law: Unsustainable The Handler
  2. The visuals on this tour have certainly moved arena concerts to the next level. The "baby drones" synchronisation is great. I love the visuals for The Globalist and The Handler and the dildrone at the end of The Globalist is also equally impressive. Matt seemed to be enjoying himself tonight which is also good to see!
  3. Really enjoyed tonight, crowd was good and the sound quality was better than Manchester. Managed to get barrier and they seemed to enjoy themselves more tonight than on Saturday night. It was obvious the dildrone was about to come down, it had been losing altitude coming round onto it's final straight... This was my 3rd Muse gig and definitely the most enjoyable, managed Sunburn 2 of those 3 times too. Shame Bliss wasn't played, PIB seems to have been on for a few nights in a row now but happy to see Take a Bow, Map of the Problematique and Hysteria back. For a short while I thought I would be getting the same rotation as Saturday night, you couldn't wipe the smile off my face when Sunburn started. Out of the 2 nights, I got Showbiz Sunburn Origin of Symmetry Plug In Baby Citizen Erased Absolution Interlude Hysteria Time is Running Out Stockholm Syndrome BHAR Supermassive Black Hole Knights of Cydonia Take a Bow Map of the Problematique Starlight The Resistance Uprising Resistance 2nd Law Isolated System Madness Drones Psycho Drones Reapers Dead Inside Revolt The Handler The Globalist Mercy
  4. I thought that was great. I got there for 18:30 and there was already a massive queue but still managed front centre barrier. I was in the stands at Manchester on Saturday so it was nice to get a different viewpoint and as always the band delivered. Matts vocals seemed stronger tonight and I thought the setlist was better, would still have preferred Bliss over PIB though.... Overall thought it was fantastic, Sunburn was a treat as was MOTP and TaB, 2 songs I was hoping to hear tonight. Was also good to have Hysteria back in the setlist, which was missing on Saturday night
  5. I'm going tonight but not expecting to get there until 18:30, I guess I won't be stood all the way at the back by that time?
  6. 96tommy`

    Very confused

    Muse announced one around 5 minutes ago on their twitter page. i got tickets for a second Manchester date which has been added
  7. Tickets for 2nd date now on ticketmaster. Got 4 no problem
  8. I'm moving to London on Saturday and managed to get a standing ticket through presale for this. Can't wait!
  9. Hard question to answer but what are the chances of getting tickets through the presale or Friday morning. Looking for either of the O2 gigs in London but with the high price and midweek slot, I can't see them being an immediate sell out.
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