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  1. Can’t believe I got standing tickets. Found all the different presale a bit confusing but it worked out ok in the end. Seemed fairly straightforward, have they managed to lock the touts out finally?
  2. First time in GA for many years as have tendency to faint. But was well worth chancing. Got some great seats on lower tier and was able to run onto the pitch to bounce about and not get in the way of seated people behind. Not much atmosphere at the back though, people milling about chatting . Crowd not as tightly packed as I thought so made it close to the B Stage after Follow Me and stayed there for the rest of the gig. Awesome crowd, though many not singing along to the older songs. Amazed when they played from the B Stage for such a long time, must have been 20metres away which is way closer than I expected. For a lightweight like me I was glad there was no pushing and shoving and I was able to just enjoy the music and atmosphere. Managed to find my brother again in the seats after. Will just say that Dizzee sucked for me though I concede he did get the crowd going, and I liked Bastille so was in a minority. Thanks to all for sharing their footage and photos, able to relive the night again. And did anyone else shit themselves when that first fireblast went off?!
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