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  1. Hi Jobby, Glad you loved the gig, but i'm afraid i didn't. We will all, i think, have an opinion based on where we were in the Venue and it sounds like you had the perfect spot for Matt and the sign etc and i'm envious of your dedication and enthusiasm. Big up from me on that. I've done 15 gigs now, and am down for Lisbon soon, but this one must rank in my bottom 3 of the gigs attended (yes i know it's hard, having it compared to HAARP, S.B.E. and R.A.H. so i suppose its a little unfair of me.....however..... Here are my issues 1) Uprising. Like it or loath it, the song is an anthem for muse lovers, so why start the base line, and then try and introduce the band over it as the song actually started..... from the back of the stadium, some started moshing, but others got a mixed message about the song being uprising (how many times have we heard an intro and expected it to go into a song we like, and the start of uprising 'misfired' and the crowd didn't seem to get into it much. 2) Sound levels and mix. My god, what a horlicks from about the 3-6 song in. I assume it was a simple mistake, but the bass was literally trouser shaking and overwhelming the rest of the music, with the vocals and even drums getting lost behind the almost painful bass distortion. This didn't get 'fixed' until later, as the base was reduced and the sound went low in general, causing the atmosphere to drop accordingly 3) Setlist. Ok, i know they have an album to push, but maybe they should not concentrate on this aspect so long after the album release as those who really want it will have it, and maybe need to start considering playing more of the older anthems (the mix songs) and get more albums sold from their back catalogue. I do not like the mix list set of songs as i heard that at the RAH in December but think that the slow bit does nothing for the energy levels, and Propaganda should be dropped for one of these, and Isolated System is a curious choice of slow music that doesn't add anything either. 4) Stage. Quote dramatic, but you cannot keep pushing the boundaries of stage presentation and graphics before it starts getting much the same. If i'm to be honest, i loved the HAARP stage design and Black holes tour one, and think the Drones stage was was actually very clever but failed in its split of the mosh crowd. 5) Venue. A great venue.... for football! Having seen Springsteen there previously, it isn't a venue for generating much gig atmosphere, where everyone can get involved. Good transport links in and out, and plentiful concessions and mobile drinks caddys. Time to lose the stadiums (that in this case still had swathes of empty tier seats (not lower tiers as we know they were for standing peeps too), and keep with arenas where you can control the lighting and not have to wait for the sun to go down and darkness to let rip with your expensive light displays. this can only increase atmosphere and in fact does. 6) Soldiers Poem. In a week where 2 days before the show the 75th anniversary was held for D-day , i think, bearing in mind that it wouldn't have strained Matts voice and been only 90 seconds long, been a perfect time to play this as a one off in remembrance for the guys during that time that enabled us to enjoy the freedom to enjoy Muse today, no matter what the quality of the gig. I'd give it a 6 out of 10. I'm not fully really, its just that i've seen better from them many times before, but i'm pushed to give you a truly musical 'stand out moment' from last night. In closing......Dump the slow songs that lose energy, bring in a couple from the mix session, don't talk over your own anthem, get the sound right (i should have been in the perfect place for prefect sound (middle rear of standing), but wasn't until later in the gig when it was fixed, and dont overblow the stage with stupid robots no one can see farther back than 100ft from the stage front, and 'dancers' that seem to be just filers, and those god awful peeps on cables coming down the screen. Not needed! Keep the dramatic big robot thing as that was very impressive. Lets see if Lisbon is better than this. It needs to be!
  2. Tonight (Thursday) Available online and Sky i believe. Probably not meant to post these things here, so apologies but it might be interesting for some who went and some that didnt. cheers dave
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but spread the word... In the UK tonight at 9.00pm local, Absolute radio (its a digital channel) is playing the Albert Hall Concert, London from 10 days ago. Source: https://absoluteradio.co.uk/schedule/
  4. Anyone else going? Thinking i might do Saturday to catch Muse, race then home on Sunday night.
  5. Jobby.............. Going through my pics of the end of the show, taken form the back of the hall in the Rausing circle, i have a pic that has someone (maybe you) holding up a piece of paper with something written on it and Dom by the front of the stage smiling and looking your way. If it's you, your welcome to a copy. Go to davejonesphotography/zenfolio then gigs, then muse then 'Albert Hall' and take a look and let me know. As to the gig? S.B.E tops it, followed by HAARP, then WWZ, then RAH. I thought a lot of of the songs (medley aside) were truncated and spoiled a few for me, as guitar riffs are Muse. simple. The Medley was 'interesting' and got me excited but like a nice cake that leaves you bloated, it left me unsatisfied. Mind you, being on stage for under 90 mins when they could have done 2 hours by coming on earlier is a bit Me-h in my book. Not the best by a long way, and certainly not the worst. the crowd wasn't great either. lots of empty seats, including a whole row 5 back from the front, and quite a few tarquins with their 4 year olds in upper boxes, who, like at WWZ, didn't know any songs at all. Still, Thanks to Hyena for helping my son out, he loved it. It's good to see the boys back, its been way too long since S.B.E. and roll on Lisbon for the next one. Cheers Dave
  6. Interestingly i mailed the RAH about tickets from Twickets and entry to the event, hey sent me this reply, which given G&T's website, muddies the waters somewhat.... "SEE Tickets is the only authorised seller in charge of Muse on the 3rd of December.  For enquiries about the event, please call them on 020 7403 3331 or send them an e-mail"
  7. Just found this, which might help? Please be aware that ID will be checked upon entry to the shows. During the booking process, you will provide us with the name of the lead attendee (the person using the tickets). The lead attendee must bring the following to the venue along with the ticket(s): (1) Photo ID (2) Their purchase confirmation email from Twickets. We will be sending the event organisers a list of all Twickets lead attendees so that they can ID people against that list and not the name of the original order. Name changes will not be permitted and everyone in your group must enter the event together with the lead attendee. Tickets must not be resold outside of Twickets. Please note, if you have purchased tickets from a primary retailer (not Twickets), we’re not able to change the name associated with the order without the tickets being sold through us. --------------------------- so it seems like i cannot buy a ticket for my son as i would not be going in with him, or i could see him to the gate, but not go in with him, unless we all went in together.
  8. Hi Jobby, thanks for the reply. My main tickets say on them that the "lead booker must be present and attend concert.guests must enter at the same time" and "photo i.d. of lead booker is required to gain entry" so i'm wondering what happens with the twickets ones sold? cheers Dave
  9. Hi everyone, just a thought, in my endeavour to get ticket for my son.... firstly, given that tickets are available on Twickets, what is the form for getting in if they are posted to you? Do you need proof somehow that you own the tickets even if our not the buyer? Secondly, if i can get a pair of tickets, would anyone like the spare at exactly 50% cost of the pair? If so, question 1 above is important. Lastly, is it seen as bad form here to do it this way to get 1 ticket, helping my son, and a member of this forum? cheers Dave
  10. Hi guys and gals, Have mailed someone recently on here to try and get their 'spare' but no answer so i thought i'd put an appeal here if any of you can help? I'm in need of a single ticket for the show for a Muser who hasnt seen them (due to personal reasons) for over 4 years. He's my son. I have 2 tickets,for my self and partner, but never managed to get 1 more through twickets. so if any kind soul out there has a spare, please consider my lad, he would surely appreciate it, as would i. Many thanks in advance. Dave (who needs to change his signature,lol)
  11. 4 for Lisbon here, apartments booked too. Now just to get a cheap flight for 4 of us. Country number 6 for us!
  12. With thanks and a million hugs to 'Goldfish_Sara' of this parish i managed to get 2 tickets on floor 2 for the gig and set off at 2.30 from Liverpool. the good: Fucking everything*, a great mix of exotic songs plus a few known ones that allowed the crowd to get really 'high' on the music. Great venue, loved the atmosphere, and have never sweated so much at a concert. Amazing. The bad There was a 'reserved' section on floor 2 that stood the whole concert about 25% empty. i can only assume those who's seats they were, were spread around the wings of floor 2 as i had a few behind me. I call them 'Tarquins', or 'Muse tourists', those along for the chat and have no idea what Muse are, and in fact the couple loudly talking behind me until i told them to STFU, said to each other they knew nothing about the group, and came to see what the fuss was about but tried talking and joking through every song. Shame when those seats could have gone to more deserving fans rather that noisy idiots. Anyway, i experienced my best Muse gig, and am in need of more of the same, small intimate muse concerts and hope they do something similar soon. As for 'Goldfish_Sara', what a star and i cannot thank her enough. Thanks Sara Dave
  13. Hi, Very kind of you to say so, but i hold out little hope, and i'm very sure there are more deserving members on here, but i had to ask. Cheers D&M
  14. We are 2 x 52 year old farties who have loved Muse from the early days, loads of gigs under our belts, Haarp, Tokyo, O2, etc but never done a small one. I missed out on the original tickets for tonight, then the subsequent releases of batches of tickets, and am gutted we will miss the gig, unless someone has 2 spare, or 1 and i can get a separate 1 from someone else here. So if anyone has 2, like the poster above, we would love them......please. A fine healthy drink, plus ticket cost plus admin for the wonderful person who might help. We are Liverpool based but to be safe we would need to leave Liverpool by road about 3pm, for parking etc. Payment in full, plus the bonus, in cash once inside. If you can help, please do, we are desperate to see the boys in a more intimate gig. to all those with tickets, enjoy and hope you all have a great time. Thanks Dave & Michelle
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