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  1. Absolute Radio said they're announcing a special gig competition on Tuesday earlier on, could it be the same thing? Maybe like one or two radio stations in every EU country gets a pair of tickets or something
  2. Could be an interesting contrast to Download One festival much heavier, the other a bit more poppy
  3. haha, I can just about see myself crowd surfing as the riff comes in
  4. It's today! It's today! Reckon we'll get Showbiz
  5. nice one! the campaign starts here!
  6. Glorious is good by me! MM is reasonably likely now they've played it again, Futurism also reasonably likely Glorious it is?
  7. right-o two days away what song are we hashtagging the shit out of then?
  8. Soooooooooo..... Spam #musclemuseumforbrighton ?
  9. an ideal brighton setlist kind of trying to be realistic but also not at all really Psycho Plug In Baby Showbiz Fury Uno Hysteria Hyper Music Assassin Stockholm Syndrome Map of the Problematique Supermassive Black Hole Knights of Cydonia Bliss Time Is Running Out Reapers
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