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  1. Holl86

    Premium Ticket Gifts

    Thanks for the reply. So it wasn’t as daft a question as I first thought lol We were allowed to take them in in Manchester thankfully. That sounds like such a pain having to check them in & pick them up afterwards
  2. Can anyone confirm if the lunchbox & poster come in a bag & also that you’re allowed to take them into the arena/stadium? seems a daft q but was talking to someone who saw another band where they did a similar thing & people were asked not to take them in
  3. LOL sadly no, Muse thought it would be a great idea to give us a lunchbox and poster to carry around 🤣🤣 When you say guaranteed a premium space do you mean in the Gold Circle? The e mail I got said early entry was 4.30-5. I'm glad I'm not getting there any later than 4 if the entry organisation is a bit hit & miss lol. Hopefully the rain will put some people off queuing really early! As you've been before, where would you say is the best place to stand if you want to get close and have a good view? I'm thinking of standing to the leftside to hopefully be near Matt
  4. I've been reading through a lot of these posts and it's making me excited and a little anxioius lol. I can't get there till 4 to queue and I've bought Premium tickets. Does anyone know what this means with regards to the Gold Circle? I would like to think this means I'll automatically get in that section or do you have to go somewhere else once you've collected your lunchbox etc to be upgraded? I'm going to the Manchester gig on Saturday so I really hope the weather sorts itself out too : /
  5. This is probably a stupid question but do you automatically get to go in the Gold Circle if you have a Premium ticket or do you have to q somewhere else to get a wristband for this?
  6. Ok so my e mail arrived listing the times and I'm starting to get hopeful of getting near the front. Is the walkway a good place to stand or am I best picking left or right either side for the best view??
  7. Hi, Thanks I appreciate your reply. That’s fair enough I’ll wait for the e mail to come though i could’ve sworn my print at home tickets said 5pm which I thought was the time that general standing are usually allowed in anyway? I thought I’d better check I had the right time so I could get there early enough to take advantage I’ve been checking junk too but not seen anything yet so will keep my eyes peeled! That’s a relief, if I can get there at that time & still be virtually at the front then I'll be v pleased! I’ve been hearing stories of everyone getting let in at virtually the same time which didn’t make it sound v organised Like most others I don’t really agree with people having to pay extra to get closer, Its a hell of a lot to shell out & to persuade someone else to shell out so you have someone to go with but I don’t see many bands these days & I love Muse so thought I’d make an exception. I really hope the lunchbox and poster aren't the only perks coz if anything they're going to be a bit of a nuisance trying to jump up and down while clinging onto them lol. Oh yes, If you could let us know what the qs are like how people are let in at the Bristol gig etc that would be most helpful. Hope you have a great time!
  8. Also, can someone tell me what side Matt has been standing on coz I'd like to try and get near that area ideally
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm going to the gig at the Etihad in Manchester this coming Saturday. I have the cheaper VIP tickets, bought specifically to get as close as possible, however, I'm going with my dad so I won't be able to q at some ridiculous time. Can someone help me with the following: Do the VIPs get a separate q to join by the staff at the venue? Is 4pm early enough to get q close? Has anyone else not received the e mail that says what time to get there yet etc as mine doesn't appear to have arrived? I would q earlier but I'm going with my dad whos over 60 so 4 is probably going to be the earliest I can join. Starting to feel a little anxious after reading some of these posts lol
  10. Hello, I don't often message on this site and I do apologise if these questions have already been covered but I was just wondering if there is any difference in the times the gates open for the Simulation Theory Enhanced Experience and the Premium Bundle? Basically I'm just wondering if both of the tickets get you early access at the same time or if one lets you in earlier than the other. I've bought the Premium Bundle myself and was also wondering how big the lunch box and poster actually are? I'm hoping not too big as I'm planning on getting there early and standing as close to the stage as possible and I'm hoping my arms aren't going to be full carrying them around during the gig lol. Any answers to these questions would be much appreciated : ) Thanks, Holly
  11. Hi Guys! I'm not exactly new to this messageboard but I don't visit too often so apologies if this question has already been asked. I'm going to see Muse play Birmingham this Saturday and would ideally like to get as close to the front as possible without getting crushed. I've often found with bands like Muse & Morrissey etc that I can get as close as I like as long as I'm to a side and not in the middle then there's generally not too much crushing. Can anyone recommend the best area for this at the upcoming shows or is there not one area that kind of counts as the "central" area? Cheers! Holly
  12. Yeah i was saying to my boyfriend last night i love the way he seems to really enjoy himself and throws himself about but he doesn't like look like the stereotypical rock star, maybe it's because he's little
  13. I loved the many Matts, Dom's and Chris' on the screen behind them while they were singing Uprising i think it was. Is it me or does Matt look a little camp at times? Not that that's a bad thing i loved all the different poses he was trying to do on the screen behind him bless him Also, did anyone go in one of the rough City pubs near the ground "Corner Pub" i think it was called, was a little scary lol
  14. Finally finished reading everyones posts and it sounds like a great time was had by all I loved it and so did my friend, we were stood to the left in front of the screen where Matt kept going to stand occassionally. It's no coincidence that after virtually every Muse gig i come away thinking it's the best gig i've ever been to. No one can ever accuse Muse of not giving the fans what they want and not putting on a fantastic show. The only slight criticisms i've had in the past is that a little more interaction with the crowd would be nice because they seem to go straight in to the next song but then again too much talking can get annoying and if you've got that many great songs you should probably just get on and play them all saying that, they improved on those things last night, it was good to see Matt get involved with us more and i was literally inches from him as he came to our side during Undisclosed Desires i think it was, i stood on my tiptoes to get closer, giving myself cramp in both legs and thought i'd done my neck in at one point but it wasn't to be We didn't get there till about 5 but i was really pleased with our spot plus the people around us seemed pretty cool, there was the occassionally jumping but it wasn't really rowdy which is what i like The only setlist disappointments i can think of off the top of my head were no Hysteria or New Born, i remember i did let out a big "aww" when it stayed on Stockholme Syndrome on the roulette though i do love that song too. I absolutely loved Dead Star and Bliss as well, oh and Plug in Baby made my night , though i never seem to be able to jump up and down in time with everyone else
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