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  1. I already ordered! haha doh I should have asked this first before jumping in
  2. you would think manson would state that you cant use both at the same time or add a buffer when they make the guitar ? im gutted I cant use both:(
  3. this probably has been discussed in a thread somewhere but I wanted to get a list of songs/performances we think/know where Matt is using his Internal fuzz factory and not a rack pedal or other one ( obv the internal one makes it first in the the fx chain) Also if anyone know his internal trim pot settings for the fuzz that help ( I amuse each guitar may have different internal fuzz settings? ) First an obvious is Plug in baby I also can see it used in blackout - or is it just for the siren not the tone?
  4. Going to buy one with sustainer and fuzz Can you not use then at the same time?
  5. For the first time matts guitar now sounds digital Very harsh and thin Somthing about it i just did not enjoy Is it the kempers?
  6. http://www.aclfestival.com/webcast/ Live stream tonight can anyone record it ? Source: http://www.aclfestival.com/webcast/
  7. Shame because I really like the concept of this but I physically can't even fit it onto my devices ... Can you use a computer and I tunes to view it ?
  8. This sucks pretty much 10 Gb My I pad and I phone are only 16 gb I can't even get this Can't you just get the standard quality ones They should have this footage on dvd Someone rip all matt cams and YouTube them I need guitar tips haha
  9. Muse tracks are pretty long tho And it's free. And extended riffs and any batter I don't see 8 tracks. 5 if we are lucky
  10. You guys seem to have high expectation for setlist I expect 3-4 songs If include banter and extended riffs and live versions Hope they don't play isolated system Maybe just have a bit of it playing when they walk on or off stage Madness Uprising Starlight Survival Something crappy like that Is it just muse Why have 2 hours to get people in for 30 mins. Is it worth them setting stage lights and pa. to play a few songs Like anything to do with the film
  11. i wish i didnt just assume id get tickets and change my flight and get extra hotel night now lol
  12. im gutted im from scotland but i am in london this weekend for green day and been exited to get tix for this all weekend been up since half 8 bang on 9 and could not get any this would have made my trip anyone got spare
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