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  1. It's live on TV and on Internet (live streaming)
  2. Yeah, I really hope it, but I'm affraid this one will be black and white too.
  3. If anyone watch the streaming, and depending on the setlist, I'll be the one crowdsurfing during Citizen Erased with the written sign "Thank you for playing Micro Cuts" OR the one knocking with the head in the bars during Madness.
  4. Tomorrow at NOS Alive, probably there will be a live stream, but maybe it will be blocked for countries outside Portugal. The link is http://www.rtp.pt/play/direto/rtpfestivais1
  5. Probably there will be a live stream, but maybe it will be blocked for countries outside Portugal. The link is http://www.rtp.pt/play/direto/rtpfestivais1
  6. Metronomy joins Muse and alt-J on july 9 at NOS Alive: http://www.nosalive.com/metronomy-9jul-nosalive15/
  7. In January I believe 3-day tickets will still be available. In the last 3 years, only one day/ year has sold out (and as so the 3-day pass) - Artic Monkeys day in 2014, Radiohead day in 2012, etc. Usually they sold out about the end of May. This year I believe it will sold out sooner (Muse calls more people in Portugal then AM or Radiohead) but in any case I believe not before April or May.
  8. You better beware. I believe NOS Alive tickets will sell out sooner or later (Muse day only). Hopefully only by March or April, but you never know. I've never been in Pinkpop but I can assure you that NOS Alive is great (great headliners and great alternative bands; is cheap; the weather is amazing; nice people; etc.)
  9. Daily tickets already on sale for EUR 55. Alt J are also confirmed for the same day.
  10. I finally bought Hullabaloo DVD today. As someone has told before, on tracks with different viewing angles (Sunburn, Uno, etc.) the songs play twice. And I can not view the different angles in this songs. I have tried the DVD on my DVD player, on PS3 and on my computer and always the songs repeated. Can someone tell me if this happens in all Hullabaloo discs? Should I try to exchange it for another copy?
  11. Fabry sounds a lot more... like a... artistic name of a Boys Band member or something.
  12. I know, but I thought "fabry" would make a more decent tag then "fabri". Is like when you call me "iadrao" - is a lot stronger then iadriao. (As a matter of fact it was a spelling error. You know that Italian is a difficult language for a portuguese. And, by the way, I am a psychologist, and so I don't need to write well to be successful, I just need to listen and talk). Sorry, I won't make that mistake again Fabi!
  13. More fresh news: http://www.amazon.co.jp/Live-Olympic-Stadium-Blu-ray-Import/dp/tracks/B00G6MW68K/ref=dp_tracks_all_1/377-0516692-2921456#disc_1 ディスク:1 1. Supremacy 2. Panic Station 3. Resistance 4. Hysteria 5. Animals 6. Knights Of Cydonia 7. Explorers 8. Follow Me 9. Madness 10. Guiding Light 11. Super Massive Black Hole 12. Uprising 13. Starlight ディスク:2 1. Intro 2. Supremacy 3. Panic Station 4. Plug In Baby 5. Resistance 6. Animals 7. Knights of Cydonia 8. Explorers 9. Hysteria 10. Feeling Good 11. Follow Me 12. Madness 13. Time is Running Out 14. Guiding Light 15. Undisclosed Desires 16. Supermassive Black Hole 17. Survival 18. The 2nd Law: Isolated System 19. Uprising 20. Starlight 21. Stockholm Syndrome (Las Vagas) 22. Unsustainable (Las Vagas) 23. Liquid State (Dallas) 24. The Road (The Film)
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