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  1. For my money I absolutely hate bouncing or moshing at a gig. I do however enjoy singing or clapping along and it's rare that I'm not punching the air or visually enjoying it in some way. I hope the way I participate in the concerts is of satisfaction to you all.
  2. 1. Dead Cuts (Instrumental) 2. Psycho 3. Starlight 4. Interlude + Hysteria 5. Plug In Baby 6. Follow Me 7. Dead Inside 8. Unintended 9. Guiding Light 10. Panic Station 11. Feeling Good 12. United States of Eurasia 13. Madness 14. JFK + Revolt 15. Uprising 16. Reapers 17. Mercy 18. Knights of Cydonia
  3. My point is they're the only good ones lol
  4. Voted Bliss, Map, and Dead Star. Would have voted SMBH, Plug, Mercy and Hysteria if they were on the list.
  5. Couple of points raised over the past day or two worth bringing back: Regarding mic stands/choreographed 'places to be', Metallica in the round (hell, even Metallica at festivals) has somewhere between 10 and 15 microphones. They aren't scripted, and the mics aren't always on, they just get "activated" when a band member decides to stand there during a song. Stage "moments" obviously need a bit more planning (e.g. Pyro/safe zones from flame pits, stage gimmicks) but it didn't mean they couldn't rotate the setlist if they were on top of what was happening. Regarding setlist checking: Metallica does it, Lars checks the setlists for any city before writing the setlist for the current night. Over 2 nights with 18 song setlists and 7 staples, you'd see nearly 30 songs over a night. Even with a stage in the round, even with all sorts of neat little props and stuff. Muse's stage and 'not knowing' their own songs isn't an excuse for what they're currently getting away with.
  6. Download had five rares (new born, dead star, micro cuts, agitated, citizen) which is about the same as the Psycho tour rare rate. Apart from maybe Glasgow, always thought that gig was shit compared to the others.
  7. Wraffah

    Drones stage set up

    I don't think the "stage rotation" means the stage is literally going to drive around the floor so I think it'll be alright
  8. Wraffah

    Drones stage set up

    I hear the stage will be sunken into the floor so everyone can look down on the band, not just those in the audience from the message board
  9. Map of the Problematique Futurism Muscle Museum City of Delusion Exo-Politics Guess which my favourite album is... (That's right! It's Origin, which I've seen live in full)
  10. This is basically Download + Rarities for arenas. To make it more realistic switch out Futurism for They Will Not Control Us, put Dead Inside where I have Uno and put Madness where I have Dead Inside originally, Muscle Museum out for Starlight, Bliss instead of MK Ultra, Resistance instead of Assassin, and put something less interesting in place of Dead Star, Citizen Erased, and Micro Cuts. I prefer my version though. Drill Sergeant / Psycho The Handler New Born MK Ultra Uno Interlude / Hysteria Dead Star Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Dead Inside Assassin Supermassive Black Hole Mercy Futurism Time Is Running Out Reapers Stockholm Syndrome JFK / Defector Plug In Baby Muscle Museum Knights of Cydonia
  11. From 6, I've had Bliss (3) the same amount of times as Resistance or Undisclosed, and more than Feeling Good (2), New Born and Madness. Maybe I'm unrepresentative, but I don't think Bliss is a rarity at all...
  12. Probably won't be seeing them until UK Arenas so here's the list as it stands... Sunburn x2 Unintended Uno New Born x2 Bliss x3 Space Dementia Hyper Music x3 Plug in Baby x6 Citizen Erased x2 Micro Cuts x2 Screenager Darkshines Feeling Good x2 Megalomania Time Is Running Out x6 Stockholm Syndrome x6 Interlude x5 Hysteria x5 Blackout Starlight x4 Supermassive Black Hole x6 Knights of Cydonia x6 Uprising x6 Resistance x3 Undisclosed Desires x3 Guiding Light Unnatural Selection Supremacy x2 Madness x2 Panic Station x2 Survival x2 Follow Me x2 Animals x3 Explorers Liquid State x2 Unsustainable x2 Isolated System x2 Dead Inside [Drill Sergeant] Psycho x3 Mercy Reapers x3 The Handler [JFK] Dead Star x3 Fury x2 Agitated x2 The Groove
  13. Probably the best of my Muse shows so far. Psycho through CE was a better run than anything I've heard live ever. Handler is amazing. Just an unreal day, definitely made all the expense / rain / etc worthwhile
  14. Muse have always been shockingly bad at pacing though, Reading 11 was the only one which I've been to that actually felt like it made a measure of sense! (Psycho Tour was good but they could easily have played another half hour) I dunno if they've really dropped that much in three months? I never really trust videos etc as a measure - I'm a fan of Metallica and they're crap on Youtube but flawless in person. Hopefully Matt's vocals etc aren't bad tomorrow!
  15. Same. Tbh even if we don't get Assassin/Showbiz/Handler/Futurism/In Your World/Execution Commentary (full)/B&H etc I'll be happy to hear Dead Inside, Apocalypse Please and Mercy for the first time in person anyway. It's easy to sit here and think "oh god, this setlist is bad" but in person even crap like Madness and They Will Not Control Us are quite enjoyable.
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