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  1. I've heard that RAH is booked up a year in advance. Probably not easy to just squeeze a cheeky gig in, though the other way of looking at it is they could have planned this as part of R&L.
  2. Ticketbastard strikes again. Late presales and being at work so being unable to hang around the forums ruined me this time. If anyone has a spare for any reason I'll gladly buy it from you for face value. Beyond annoyed about this.
  3. The generic password that some people (like me!) haven't been sent !! So some random tout could pick it up somewhere and folks like me are left out on the cold. Hope I can get it via my profile or something tomorrow.
  4. I'm getting panicky now too lol, absolutely nothing If anyone could pm or whatever me the code I'd be eternally grateful and even offer to buy you a beer at reading or something lmao
  5. I've still not had an email to either of my registered email addresses on the site. Pretty annoyed about this. Anyone able to help out by ?
  6. see you all there so we can bask in the disappointment together.
  7. I was tempted to see Muse at Belfast but based on the NA run I'm "only" seeing them at Reading. I figure there's no chance of the setlists being significantly better or interesting. It's sad that they neglect some of their rawer, more energetic songs - but if they're not willing to be interesting as a band, then I won't be interested in them as a fan. Metallica are a better use of my travelling money anyway.
  8. They did a poll online beforehand, tickets tied to codes that let you log in, which picked the top 16 songs (they were all the usual suspects, Sandman, puppets etc). the 17th song was decided by Metallica who built a setlist around them and the final 18th slot was used for the 'vote of the day' which was the song during the encore. it was flashed on screen between opening acts and mentioned a couple of times between songs. invariably all the setlists were basically the same, with a couple of noteworthy exceptions like a REALLY REALLY HEAVY setlist in Latin America where they had to drop Nothing Else Matters and played a bunch of thrash songs, Finland which got a song they'd not played ever before in 27 years, and St Anger making an appearance at a few shows around Germany. Overall it was a total washout and I don't think it lived up to its full potential purely because everyone picked the hits and most of the setlists were functionally identical.
  9. It's entirely possible to enjoy the show and enjoy the hits for what they are (fucking great songs, at the end of the day) while simultaneously being somewhat annoyed you didn't get a rare song / album in full / etc. And it's very easy to post hyperbolic comments online about how shit they've been since 200x but actually; when you see them live, who gives a fuck? Even if it's a list full of songs you've already heard at least five times or whatever other metric you need to put on it, does it really matter? No. They're still fantastic. And that's why I drop the money on it.
  10. Well, you never know! You might miss something if you don't take a chance. Plus, it's good to keep your expectations realistic. No point in talking yourself into expecting Download Part 2: Heavy Boogaloo when a 90 minute run of the hits is far more likely.
  11. Show last night had three songs I'd love to hear for the first time (Futurism, Assassin, Butterflies) and a couple I'd love to hear again (Micro Cuts, mainly). Annoys me how I had at least 2 shows full of duds this year and then they go to do something like this, but eh. Will keep my eye out for future dates in clubs etc cos that seems to be the best way to get these kind of rares.
  12. Black Holes And Friends Setlist Take a Bow Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Map of the Problematique Soldier's Poem Invincible Assassin Eco-Politics City of Delusion Hoodoo Knights of Cydonia ---- Reapers The Handler Resistance Uno Dead Inside Fury Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Stockholm Syndrome ---- Plug In Baby Hysteria Mercy In reality they'd cut out Uno, Fury, Citizen Erased and Micro Cuts and replace them with Uprising, Psycho, Madness and TIRO but this is for me so fuck it
  13. Shows without Starlight are absolutely incredible - I had two last year and it wasnt missed at all! Hysteria is probably my favourite of the 'staples' but when its being played in the JFK slot I feel really disappointed knowing I could have had Defector / Revolt / Assassin/ another new song (for me), I guess. Though thats probably just the collector side of me speaking. Lol amen to that - I think we're all hunting for old gems and rarities really!!!
  14. Don't really understand the SS love to be honest. I've had it at 9 of 11 shows and it's stale as fuck to me. The two without it this year were a welcome reprieve. I'd say the same for Plug In Baby and Hysteria. I get really bored of hearing the same songs at every show, every year, no matter where I go. Hell, even Map and TAB were getting dry by the fourth consecutive show, and the former is one of my top five songs by any band, ever.
  15. Yeah +1 to it getting a surprisingly big reaction in Glasgow this year. Must say I really enjoyed it too. Was cool to see Dom in particular playing it, he seems to have all sorts of neat little fills and stuff going on in it.
  16. you know what they say: there's no accounting for taste. "Winner" means 'new song', which makes more sense if you look at the dates of the gigs rather than the order above. So say Dead Star wasnt a winner because I had it in 2013, or Sunburn wasnt a winner because I had it twice in 2012/2013. That said - some songs, like Map or Bliss, might not be necessarily 'rare' or 'new' to my list, but are certainly always welcome! It's mainly just the songs that seem to turn up at every gig (Stockholm, Hysteria, Plug, or tour staples like Follow Me or Globalist, as well as solid staples like Uprising or Knights) which annoy me or simply aren't counted, if they aren't taking a rotation slot.
  17. 11 - London 15/04/16 - They played Apocalypse Please, the one song I wanted from this tour, and fucking Assassin the night before. I bought a ticket for this one hoping for 'second night' syndrome and instead I got feeling fucking good and a massive kick in the teeth setlist wise. Plus the performance was really half assed and the band really seemed to be phoning it in. Waste of time and money. 10 - London 11/04/16 - Was seated. Seats are never good. They did Undisclosed and a generally boring setlist. Great to see the spectacle of 'the show' from afar but I just felt ridiculously disconnected from the band and the performance. Never gonna do it again. 9 - London 12/04/16 - Hearing Map and Take A Bow for the first time was great. Sunburn was unwelcome but at least it wasnt feeling bad. Performance and crowd generally good. This one just loses for an uninspiring setlist. 8 - Manchester 22/03/15 - No setlist winners beyond The Groove, which is too short and disappointing when they'd played stuff like Futurism, Assassin, and Muscle Museum which I'd have actually killed a person to hear live. Another setlist gamble that simply did not pay off. 7 - Dublin - 03/11/12 - Not a bad gig by any measure, the T2L tour was spectacular, and at the time I got a personal winner (Sunburn), just the fact the other gigs in the top half of this list are so good means that was ultimately a generic arena tour show with a bland staple filled setlist comes bang in the middle. 6 - Coventry 22/05/13 - Don't get me wrong, the Unsustainable tour was one of the best spectacle shows I've ever seen. I had my first Dead Star and lost my fucking mind because it was so unexpected, despite a couple of airings on second nights, as well as a much welcomed return of Bliss and many of the better T2L tour songs. Unfortunately it just went stupid at the first encore and didn't recover. 5 - Glasgow 17/04/16 - A really good show, but it didn't do well setlist wise. I can live without Citizen Erased and the other rotations were losers too, despite being Map and Take A Bow (which were seriously overstaying their welcome by this point). Plus Madness was still there, lol. 4 - Glasgow 18/04/16 - Glasgow Jam! Map and Bliss! They dropped Madness! Plus as my last show of the run I just felt I was enjoying it for what it was by this point, giving up on the setlist game, which meant the total disappointment at Stockholm after JFK and feeling good didn't even ruin the show. 3 - Reading 28/08/11 - Yeah, third. First time seeing Muse, didn't appreciate it enough, was too far back, was a festival I generally didn't enjoy, Mind-blowing though. 2 - Download 13/06/15 - One of the bands best setlists ever. Even the staples were welcome. Crowd well up for it. Reasonably close. Dead Star and Micro Cuts and Handler debut! Just splendid. Wish every show had a similar mix of heavy/old and popular songs, without including crap for its own sake (see: starlight). Would have preferred it even more if AP or Map had been played but you really can't come out of this show and complain lol. 1 - Belfast 15/03/15 - Probably more for personal reasons than the show itself. I just finished my undergrad dissertation (a 7 month labour of love, it eventually got a first, I didn't know that at the time) and managed to get my parents to pay for me to fly home at 36 hours notice (not cheap) under the circumstances. Plus the setlist was absolutely unchained and had a lot of winners - two premieres, Fury (which I still think is more a 'bragging rights' song than 'this is great live), Uno back for the first time in 12 years, Hyper Music (which is class), Agitated, Unnatural Selection, and hell - even Animals was fun at this show. Plus the band were extremely talkative and the crowd were massively up for it. And I trolled the shit out of Twitter / the forums by claiming Reapers was Dead Star 2 (hahahaha... loads of people believed it too....). All this combined to make it my standout show. Just great on every level.
  18. I think, of my five shows: - Glasgow one and two were better. They seemed to be enjoying themselves more, which meant the performances were a little more whole hearted. By night five I stopped caring so much about set lists (mostly because I've given up hoping for muscle museum etc) and just enjoyed the spectacle for what it was. - the production really is massive. One of the best I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. - the loose narrative in the visuals that runs through dead inside, handler, globalist is really subtle but neatly done. They could thread it into the other staples though, it felt like it sort of missed the mark by being so understated. - the "moments" feel a bit too choreographed at times. Having them stand in certain places for certain songs etc sort of kills the spontaneous aspect dead - this probably limits them at all times, though, not just this tour. - Setlist rotations are disabolical. I'm not about to complain about having map and take a bow four times in a row, but feeling good instead of most of the other piano songs left or stockholm or whatever just unavoidably leave a bad taste in the mouth when you know the alternatives. After the second show I had no "winners" for new songs on my own personal list and that sucks considering I missed one show that had two new ones! - I don't think I'd spend this much money to follow them around again. It's too much risk, too little reward.
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