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  1. I'll be interested to hear what people who went to the RAH in the flesh have to say about it, but yeah. Much as I thought it was nice, I don't know if I'll enjoy it in person as much as hearing the tracks on an individual basis.


    Having enjoyed most of the songs more than once in full from the medley I can say that the medley is nowhere near as good. All my favourite bits got cut out lmao

  2. Wouldn't be a surprise if there's a few others with a "nearly made x gig with great song but got it wrong" tbf.


    I went to the show before that one and in a tired haze, I nearly booked a second hander for the Assassin/Apocalypse Please O2 show because I'd had a terrible day before the show I went and had major post-gig depression afterwards. But then I thought they'd just play a fairly meh set so didn't bother. Which went well.


    Tbf that thought process is why I picked the 2nd night of the first pair. Probably a closer run thing, given first night of those ones got Stockholm Syndrome, Citizen Erased and Undisclosed Desires, while we got Sunburn, Map of the Problematique and Take a Bow.


    to my eternal shame I really unironically enjoyed hearing undisclosed desires tbh, its one of my absolute favourite songs and was a highlight of the five I went to in the end (since they only played it at one of them). On the other hand I was almost sick of hearing Map cos while it was one of my favourite songs I did get it four times in a row and it almost became a bit Muse-by-numbers (which is cool for non rotation songs, I can deal with it, but I was chasing rarities lol).


    After all that though I just sort of accepted they'll play what they want and you just have to not expect anything at all. Enjoyed the Glasgow shows a lot more for it too.


    Still really pissed off I missed Apocalypse though, no idea when that'll return.

  3. Yeah, I went to the night after the Assassin night at the O2, which got the shit setlist.


    I had it even worse. I got tickets for the first two shows, and figured that would be fine, then they announced the other three. So I had a choice of either the first night, assassin night or the shit setlist night. Obvs decided the very first one would probably suck, but then I chose the shit one, on the basis that second nights usually got the better setlist. fuckin muse.

  4. Was about to write that :LOL:




    Literally all of his songs have sounded the same! The oasis ones are alright but even then they aren't my kind of band. And the people singing along look like they weren't even concieved when they broke up. I don't understand why this is popular tbh.

  5. I'd definitely vote for some of the songs I already saw. Muscle Museum, Easily, Showbiz and Glorious were all utterly outstanding and I'd deeply enjoy them at any gig.


    I'd chuck in City of Delusion, Exo Politics, Space Dementia, Ruled By Secrecy. and a couple of others which seemed to be popular on message boards etc at the time.

  6. Yeah. I think me and Muse are over. :(






    - Basically every song was old

    - (Almost) every song is awesome



    - Wasn't feeling the order particularly (especially intro?)

    - Feel like the setlist needed some lighter/slower songs to balance it out

    - Sound quality... couldn't really hear Matt sing at all, but maybe that's where I was stood

    - Audience around me was quite weird, like there was some weird feeling of aggression in the air.. can't put my finger on it, maybe it was just that there were a lot of blokes, I felt too old and not as into Muse as everyone around me...

    - Just don't really get proper moshing to Muse. It ain't Tool.

    - Probably the only gig of my life where I couldn't see anything for the entire set. Not Muse's fault and would probably have been way better had I been seated.


    MEH I DUNNO. I just know I feel disappointed and kind of sad, as I've liked Muse for so long and thought this could maybe top my 2003 gig feels. But nope. :'(




    Sound was fine for me. Every gig I've ever been to has way more men than women (doesn't make it right but I'm resigned to it). The best way to go into this gig was expecting absolutely nothing and that makes it much better imo.

  7. On the other hand, if the vote brings the top ten with stuff like plug in baby or other staples, i would much rather they disregarded that and played the rare songs which didn't quite get the numbers but which are undoubtedly the intention of this gig anyway, in the spirit of the event. Really positive that they checked five such songs last night imo even if some of "my" songs aren't in there.

  8. Still haven't voted yet. Thinking that it should be a mix between personal picks and what's doing well, so this is what it's at currently


    Muscle Museum

    Space Dementia

    Butterflies & Hurricanes





    City of Delusion



    Can't really decide what to do with the last slot. I've had Dead star three times but it's one of my favourite songs ever so it feels tempting despite being a 'wasted vote'... :erm:

  9. @ people who I saw saying they thought Fury was underwhelming live, what about it did you find lacking compared to the studio version? For me, it was easily just as good, if not better.


    I just find the song too slow and boring in a live setting. It's great on record, I just didnt get the haunting punch.


    Is it just me that really wants to see Sunburn? I've seen Muse 7 times now since 09 and it's escaped me every time!


    I've had it three times! It's good but I'd rather swap it for another rare piano song at this point lol.

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