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  1. Yeah I was at London Stadium and Etihad, it does leave a bad taste in the mouth seeing standing tickets going for £20-30 just days before the gigs after paying full price. I was praying for a Scottish date on this leg of the tour, maybe we will get one later in the year. I'm away on holiday when they play the o2 and Birmingham first time that's ever happened to me. Maybe that's for the best, decision whether to go made for me! My brother lives in London so I get free accommodation but the traveling costs mount up. Also I'm autistic so not the biggest fan of standing (all energy gone by the time gig starts) and I'm terrified of heights so most likely id have had to go for the most expensive tickets. I wish venue organisers would realise level 1 seating isn't all about the view. Would love to see this tour in an arena where it belongs. London and Manchester were amazing but so many details lost due to daylight start and distance from the stage. Anyway that's my moan over. Also didn't get my preoreder presale code until 13:15 which wouldn't have helped if I wanted tickets.
  2. The tickets do say you need ID and it must match lead booker name plus lead booker must be present and everyone must enter venue together. I was confused as to how Twickets sales will work due to this.
  3. I was there! Only entered once just thought I'd rub it in. Joking aside I'm very limited for plus one options and if my only choice couldn't have made it I was going to offer it up to the board. I've lurked since 2007 and you get about Jobby most likely would've been you I picked. All hypothetical like but in another universe! Special night, now the proud owner of Dom's empty evian bottle. Also I legit love Get Up and Fight. I see a change on the horizon, reasons to be frightened. Story of my life. Don't hate me.
  4. I was at the radio x thing where he said this. It's a medley they were thinking of playing, like all the best bits of the heavy songs mashed together for 15 minutes. I think it would be good.
  5. Oi! I don't know really now I think about it. Been that long since I bought stadium tickets. Had to get seats I didn't want for first night at the Emirates in 2013. Maybe that's why
  6. Well that was the easiest ticket buying experience of my life. 2 standing for London, 2 standing/unreserved seats for Manchester. I'm stunned.
  7. I finish work at 10am. Gonna try for London, wish me luck! Would've been nice to know ticket prices etc in advance though.
  8. I really can't call it. As far as I can remember they've never done a Scottish Stadium and there isn't really one the same standard as the English ones, Emirates, etihad etc. Hopefully there's such huge demand that they add more venues and not just several nights in London. I just naively thought we'd get a few nights at the Hydro like last time.
  9. Thanks for that. Just wish they were coming to Scotland, was banking on a smaller tour first then the stadiums. Don't know whether to go for London or Manchester. Hope theres additional dates if they sell out fast. Bloody hate all this.
  10. Someone's maybe already posted this but there's a golden circle on the seat layout for Manchester on Ticket Master. https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/muse-simulation-theory-world-tour-manchester-08-06-2019/event/1F005565B21D66A5 Click on the map. Sorry I'm not any good at this! Don't see one for London Stadium.
  11. If my plus one couldn't make it I was going to offer it up to someone here as I knew they would appreciate it the most. I've never won anything in my life n I've been having a bit of a crap time lately so it couldn't have come at a better time. Matt mentioned the Origin of Muse thing, said they were doing some stuff for it back stage. You will hear it all in the interview. I'm regretting not getting a hand shake of the guys but didn't feel right asking at the time. I did pinch Dom's empty water bottle off the stage though it's my only real Muse souvenir.
  12. I might have spoken to Jackie or Lita in the queue. Two women behind me were so lovely n let me listen to Propaganda on there phone but I never caught anyone's name. I'm a long time Muse fan but not really involved in the community as I've got loads of social problems I need to get more involved.
  13. I was at the Radio X In Conversation with Muse last night. Matt spoke about how the fans seemed to hate Stockholm Syndrome at first and how there seems to be a pattern of fans not liking stuff but then mellowing to it years later. I'm a long time lurker on the board and pop my head up to post now and again. I'd also be up for sending some thanks in Muse's direction. Had an amazing time at the interview last night. Got front row seats and my first few listens of the new album there. The guys were in great spirits. Don't think I've ever loved them more.
  14. I was standing, about 10 rows from stage in front of Chris. Couldn't see a damn thing but still think it's the best Muse gig I've ever been too. All I've ever wanted was Muscle Museum and I got it. Shame no Cave for me or COD for Jobby. Bloody wasted my vote.
  15. I think you'll make second row Jobby. I looked at crowd photos and counted at least 30 people on the barrier across a few different gig's at SBE. Don't know what time I'll get there tomorrow, can see me getting stuck behind the bar. Good luck to all you guys n girls queuing through the night. Hats off to you all.
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