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  1. This guy just unwillingly summed up the whole US tour in a nutshell To answer your question, yes they will play old stuff like madness and uprising and undisclosed desires and all that
  2. On a more serious note, I've been flicking through the last gig ( ) and basically Matt doesn't play guitar in the following songs: Apocalypse Please (duh) Starlight Undisclosed Desires (fair enough) 1/2 of Uprising So that's 1,5 song he is ditching his guitar for. Although I agree that's unnecessary, people are acting like he's ditched it for half of the gig...
  3. JochemP

    Drones stage set up

    I'd love to hear Chris scream "HERE COME THE WEATHER BALLOOOOOOOOONS"
  4. They were free floating in Mexico I'm fairly certain because I saw a video of one falling into the audience. Comparing the setlists they are equally long so I don't think they played an extra song or am I wrong
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