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  1. I am having issues too. I do not know what my password is for the muse.mu/members website and i am not receiving reset password links when I request it.
  2. hopefully this gig will remind them how these types of songs leave such an emotional impact on their fans. and maybe go back to this style of music writing and lyrics?
  3. I can't find the link to get the code. Does anyone have a direct link to the login page? *disregard. I found it.
  4. Was anyone groped my a random chick towards the front on Chris's side of the pit?
  5. Right area of the pit was intense. We had a lot of fun. The moshing was respectful also, i know people were looking out for eachother (well atleast I did, saved a couple of chicks from falling). I liked the setlist. Very intense up until KOC. Dunno if my body can handle these shows anymore.
  6. whats the deal with the GA queue? what time will you all start lining up?
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