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  1. Huttz

    Dig Down

    Uninspired and boring, are they even trying anymore? Not sure what to say... how the mighty have fallen.
  2. Huttz


    Uninspired and boring, are they even trying anymore? Anyways... back to not listening to this song.
  3. Intro! Really though, it was Apocalypse Please thanks to Napster back in the day. Muse was pretty much unheard of in Canada at the time... I came across the band name a few times on various other forums I was on at the time and downloaded the first song Apocalypse Please to see what they were about. After listening to it I HAD to download the other songs and the rest was history (and yes I did buy everything afterwards). Finding them at the release of Absolution was great... it allowed me to see them live in small club venues here for years until The Resistance album hit big and they've been playing arenas ever since.
  4. I was hoping for a second show too. Unfortunately there are a lot of upper level seats still available for the 16th... so we might not get a second show.
  5. Huttz


    Really liking Defector... it's just been constantly stuck in my head.
  6. Huttz


    Come on Muse, really? You are soooo much better than this. Just going to delete this track and pretend like it never happened and try to un-hear it.
  7. Was looking sooo forward to this song... such a disappointment, especially the last 3.5 minutes.
  8. Like many others... once it started = WTF! Last half was alright but I'm not really into the single at all. I knew when they gave us Psycho that this single was going to crappy. Something heavy to calm everyone down before releasing Dead Inside.
  9. Great set tonight! Unsustainable Supremacy Panic Super Massive Plug in Baby Dead Star Animals Knights Feeling Good Follow Me Hysteria Liquid State Madness Time is Running Out Undisclosed Desires New Born Isolated System Uprising Starlight Survival
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