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  1. Sure, that makes sense. But the very chatty guy on the phone with TM said this is way more than that would normally be. He listed off several reasons they'd hold tickets, including Make a Wish, which is really sweet, but he said this is far beyond that. Very far.
  2. according to ticketmaster, hundreds of tickets are still available for night 2, but the promoter has them on hold. which is really annoying because I was ready to come from dallas to see them again, but now I don't know when/if I can get a ticket. does anyone know anything about why they might be holding back excessive amounts of tickets?
  3. I just saw Muse in Dallas last night, and the show was AWESOME. So now I'm trying to get tickets to MSG on 4/16 but they won't sell me a ticket. Ticketmaster says the promoter has 100s of tickets on hold. Does anyone know anything about this? I'll go the resale route if I have to, but if there's another way to buy face value, I'd much rather do that.
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