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  1. Could somebody please try and tab the riff on this video? (4:26 - 4:47)
  2. I'm working on a patch for Unsustainable atm (in Guitar Rig using an Envelope Filter as Cubase refuses to install on my laptop) I have the drop completed (It is the same pattern for both drops isn't it? there's just a different note or two in the second drop right?) but I'm having trouble working out the pattern for the part after the first drop where Matt plays single notes on the A string and makes them go Weeeee! and Woooo! with the whammy. Has anyone got an image for the whammy pattern so I have a rough idea for this part? I remember seeing one somewhere around here but I cannot seem to find it again :/ Oh and the electronic hissing type sound that can be heard after the first drop just before the heavy drums and second reporter speech is a Kaoss Pad isn't it?
  3. anyone got delay settings for the Reading 2011 version of Micro Cuts?
  4. Does anyone have a decent tab for the live solo of Butterflies & Hurricanes? the tabs I've looked at for it on UG seem wrong as there is tremolo picking throughout the solo and in the UG tabs it says there's no tremolo picking, and some of the notes just feel wrong
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