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  1. They really are addictive! I've been listening to Yes Please nonstop today On topic: almost ashamed to say that only yesterday did I discover the acoustic versions of many songs and ,holy shit, they are amazing. Some I like even better that the originals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iizb6jhYMzw
  2. I'm pretty sure it's Matt, but he doesn't wear it in the other pictures so maybe he borrowed it from EJ for the photo? Ha, now that you say it about the eyelid,I notice it too! A challenge indeed His profile is difficult too, I tried sketching it once, the result was nothing short of terrifying During Sunburn maybe? This one's really nice
  3. The thought of Matt running in a bubble over the crowd And what's with the crazy hair? Great interview though! New material for my band search
  4. I would love to hear more "heavy" songs in the next album, though not suggesting a return to OoS/Abso style, but still I would like more heavy guitar/drums, "darker" songs... more rock-sounding songs! (not that they aren't rock anymore but I can't find a better way to phrase it, you know what I mean). I am pretty sure that this won't happen, save for maybe one song in the album, but a fan can dream As for, influences, industrial, like NIN for example, would be a nice change from the Queenesque sound of the latest albums... Also, the fact that electronic is a very probable element of the next album makes me very happy, it fits very well with the band's style and has a lot of potential Thom Yorke looks like he's perma-high for some reason
  5. Rarely have I liked a cover of a muse song, it's probably because matt's voice is so recognisable and distinctive, it's weird to hear a muse song without that voice... Usually you either have to have a similar singing style for the cover to work or change the whole song (rythmically, tone-wise, even genre-wise). Sometimes it also goes the other way around too, rarely have I liked a muse cover of another band As for the thread topic for some reason it's like muse doesn't even exist over here! No media comments on the new album, no radio plays (save for one particular station that only seems to have the resistance, feeling good, can't take my eyes off of you and ,recently, madness in its playlist and plays them on a loop)... it's like noone has cared about muse since they were in the twilight soundtrack
  6. In micro cuts, I've always heard "sounds like fucks all applied" instead of "forks on a plate" In megalomania "and wont accept a kiss from me" instead of gifts Even after reading the actual lyrics, I still sing them both that way.
  7. That is indeed awesome! You picked a both great and difficult topic, I imagine his face must be a nightmare to draw! Well, perfectionism makes for great art I'm sure it will be incredible in the end I love love love this one Also, I want that ring. It is almost unreal that Matt is the most "normally" dressed person in the photo though, he's usually the one with the wacky shirts, the weird glasses and the sparkling
  8. Oh yes that one is very nice and the yellow-ish one of Matt on the piano too! Oh my, let us know how it turns out when you finish it! It sounds amazing Green eyes!!
  9. haha den peirazei kale Loipooooon peite entipwseis apo ti sinavlia k se mas p meiname pisw!!!! Pws itan?
  10. Oooh no, no way! The only tentacles I like are the grilled ones but the giant snails are cuuute, I want to poke them! Wasps on the other hand... those bastards, I've gotten stung by two almost-dead ones floating on the sea, they just don't give up!
  11. Well yeah but essentially it's another example of presence of a hated symbol/ideology in art for a reason other than reprsenting the artist's actual beliefs: in movies/games etc it's done as you said for historical accuracy, in the video's case there's no actual reason, it was just used as a cool design. There's no excuse to hating the artists and associating them with nazism or whatever just because they included the symbol in either case, and any case like this... Ah, the charms of the rubber octopus
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