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  1. 1. I've seen other bands take the route of allowing fans to vote on deeper tracks that would be played live, giving the fans maybe 5-7 songs to choose from, none that were singles, and the top few end up in the setlist. Is this something you would consider given that so many of us are desperate for those deeper tracks?
  2. I was at a different show in December for another band. It is becoming increasingly more common. The girl next me must have left her seat every few songs to get something to eat or another beer or to go the bathroom. It was annoying. And, I couldn't just move. We're always going to see people who aren't super fans. We're more likely to be around the fan because they know SMBH from Twilight or Madness from the radio - at least in the US. My daughter wanted to punch (I'm exaggerating a bit but she was super annoyed) this couple next to us in Oakland. Muse was running late. We were let in late and standing in freezing weather (for Californians it was freezing). First they were complaining about the wait. Then, they were complaining about how the band better be worth the wait. Clearly, they had never seen them and weren't simply excited because they were. The girl was going on and on about how if they didn't do Madness she would be pissed. ::rolls eyes:: lastly, we were subjected to their constant making out pre-show and during. But, I wasn't about to move from my spot on the barrier. No fucking way. I don't care that you don't know every song. 90% of the people there probably don't. We're all freaking out for MOTP and AP at shows while everyone else is wondering what the song is. But, goodness, show some respect to the people around you and especially the band, don't sit there and chat like you're out for coffee with a friend.
  3. That's what they should have done in the US, if that's the case. I queued for 10 hours, was about 20th in line at the first Staples show and didn't get on the arch. It was taken by mostly VIPs. Not all VIPs are casual listeners though. My daughter flew to DC from CA to see them. Her 7th show on this tour. We drove hundreds of miles and queued over 70 hours for 6 shows. I think my daughter earned her VIP barrier spot. Trust me, I get it. It's frustrating as fuck to queue for over 10 hours and still have to worry if I'm going to get a spot on the barrier. However, there were a few that were vomit worthy. At the Staples show, the couple we were next to, weren't huge fans. The guy asked me what time I got to the show and when I told him 9am. He was like, "oh you should do VIP and then you can show up right before like us." My response was something about how if I did VIP I couldn't afford the 5 other shows I was going to. But, the thing is, the girl with him was handed Matt's guitar pick by Matt himself. She asked the guy who was working the Drones if he wanted to trade his setlist for the pick. He said to her, "you want to trade my setlist for Matt's pick?" I was flabbergasted by it because that pick came directly from Matt. :/ Dumb bitch. Then, there was another VIPer who I stood next to in San Diego that didn't know any songs except SMBH. He stood there emotionless the whole damn show. My hopes is that there won't be any VIP next time or at least make VIP seats. so that those of us who queue an insane amount of hours are rewarded.
  4. Thank you. If something seems to not work out, I may take you up on that:) She is arriving at BWI the morning of the show. I was able to find her a shuttle service from BWI to her hotel. It was $45 round trip amazingly. I went to change her ticket last week (before the storm hit). United wanted to charge me an extra $800! $174 each way to fly out of DCA and then an additional $400 in charge fees! Getting her a hotel near the venue AND a shuttle service cost less than changing the ticket! What a headache this has all been. Now I just have to pray she makes her connecting flight in Chicago.
  5. Right now, we're leaning towards booking a flight into Baltimore and having her take the rail in. It drops off right near the venue. I wish I could go with her but money's too tight because of the other 6 shows we did. So, I want to make sure all her ducks are in a row before she leaves. She purchased a VIP ticket for this one so she wouldn't have to worry about queuing up.
  6. Awesome! Thank you so much. I'll look into that for her.
  7. I was hoping I could get some advice for the locals. My daughter will be flying in for this show from So. Cal. and I'm wondering what would be the easiest way to get from the airport to the venue.
  8. You're correct. Both Dom & Matt have said that people don't listen to full albums anymore so they may rethink how they will release music from now on. It's not the end.
  9. I haven't decided yet. I'm about an hour and a half away. So, maybe early morning. No later than 10. If it's anything like today with the rain, I imagine the line won't be an issue until later. I was in line at Oakland around 10am and froze my ass off. It was miserable and there was no rain. Lol
  10. Thank you so much for this information. I appreciate it so much. I assumed the girl on the phone was giving me incorrect information only because it would have been chaos with the wristbands.
  11. Thank you! I plan on leaving early. I'm not sure what to expect though in terms of a line. Always an adventure with Muse GA.
  12. For floor access they just marked it with an "x" when they gave you a wrist band. That's all that's been occurring at the venues so far that I've been to as well. It seems strange that he waited a day. I would have been freaking out and contacted you immediately. I would definitely start with Ticketstoday and then Staples. I'm not sure how much help they would be to you. Sorry you're dealing with all this but I'm also curious what steps he took to rectify it at the show. Like I said, I would have been going ballistic and frantically trying to resolve the issue, documenting everything I was going through. Who knows, maybe I would have taken video from my phone as proof that I was denied entrance.
  13. That's good to know. I plan on heading down in the morning and braving the rain. I tried to research information about it and couldn't find much in regards to GA queuing except that someone said for Metallica the lineup for GA was near the loading docks. It's just hard to gauge when you plan on lining up early. In case I'm unable to pull into the parking lot, are there any areas off site I can park until the the parking lot opens? My daughter's been giving me shit because I was thinking of bringing my son's two man tent to put up and protect me from the rain. Lol
  14. Has anyone heard anything regarding the GA lineup? I just got off the phone with the venue and couldn't get a straight answer. She told me that there isn't one designated area for GA queuing and all points of entry will be open for GA access. This would be the first venue that I've seen do this and make it a free for all. This sounds like it's going to be another Muse GA clusterfuck.
  15. I was able to upgrade to a suite at the Delano. Excited for this weekend. I know it sucks that they reschedule these shows (Vegas and SD) but it's been nice to have them to look forward to.
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