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  1. Well I still cannot get a sensible answer out of See but have been offered a refund which I have accepted. I've bought some better tickets from Ticketmaster!!
  2. I've been offered a refund on my Emirates tickets as they are unacceptable even though same price bracket as it is their mistake. I've ordered some better ones from Ticketmaster!!!
  3. Hi I'm in same boat been reallocated 21 rows back which when in the upper tier makes a huge difference (and in different block). They reckon they are equivalent but I don't see how and have asked them if they've ever been to the Emirates!! Will subscribe to this thread to see if you guys have any luck with See. I got the same reply as many of you from my initial enquiry, have raised a complaint now will see what happens. Best of luck Oh and my original seats on sale for £30 too!! What?
  4. Thanks will take a look there to see what others say. Could ask for refund but I really want to go to the concert just want some decent seats like the one's I booked originally! thanks
  5. That's what they've done but they never gave me the option to stay there, originally said I couldn't. Haven't given a sensible explanation why they are worse and the most gauling thing is they've given me seats in upper tier 21 rows back from my originals. If you've ever been to the Emirates you'll know this is really high and a lot different to row 3 what's the point of being in the pre-sale if they then give you cr*ppy seats 3 months later!! Sorry rant over this is not aimed at you in any way. I await what See have to say this time! There must be others in the same position I wonder whether anyone else has complained? thanks
  6. Hmm I'm just so confused have raised complaint with See Tickets as they don't seem to be able to give me a straight answer. I was originally in block 102 row 3 upper tier priced at £54.45, kicked out of those only to see them on sale now at £30 or so but not shown as restricted view which presumably they would be if round the back? I was excited but just feeling annoyed at the minute!! Thanks for replying.
  7. Hi thanks for your reply, do you have a link to a seating/stage set up map as the only one I've seen is on ticketmaster which suggests stage at opposite end to my original seats? thanks
  8. Hi My seats to Sun 26 May at Emirates have been moved as I have been told the stage has been moved forward this would have severly restricted view. YET there are now new cheaper seats on sale there not listed as restricted view. Now I'm not happy with the new allocation some 21 rows back side view of stage in upper tier. What is going on Muse guys? I'm really unhappy with response from Gigs&Tours/See Tickets can you help me please?
  9. Hi I'm new here hope this is the right place to post. I've today received an email from Gigs & Tours saying my seat allocation has been changed due to "production changes". I was in block 102 row 3, moved to block 93 row 24!!!!! I booked in the pre-sale to get good seats to be offered these ones 3 months later is not good enough really. Also what production changes could be happening so far back in the stadium? This is very odd. If there's anyone who can shed light on this or in a similar situation I'd like to hear. I've contacted the booking people and told them it's not good enough, await their reply!!! Thanks
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