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  1. I'm sure someone on this board will like this mashup eventually FYI There's a download link in the video's description now if anyone is interested in an mp3 copy of this.
  2. Yeah sorry about that German record labels are particularly anal about enforcing copyright on YouTube. Maybe try something like mediahint to get round regional restrictions.
  3. Thanks for listening. If I do another one maybe you will like that one better
  4. The last mashup I posted went down like a house on fire! So here's another one I made... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9tlObBSNSA Feedback welcomed etc etc... Download link in video description!
  5. Thanks for listening/commenting! I thought they went okay...I'm sure it does take a couple of listens though to get used to the different vocals though.
  6. Hi everyone! I made a mashup which I though you guys might like: It's Hysteria vs 'Let Me Love You' by Mario. I made it a while ago but now I've finally put it online! Feedback appreciated....................as long as it's positive
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